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Am I The Right Fit For A Tiny House?

What is a tiny house? Tiny houses usually average anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet, a pretty substantial downsize from the average US house size of 2,600 square feet. No other country in the world loves spacious homes as much as the US. The average single-family home is more than twice the size of their British and Italian counterparts. So, why are so many Americans choosing to go small?

The idea of tiny house living is to seek a minimalist lifestyle – when you have less space, you gather fewer things and live a more simplified life. A Princeton University study showed that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, essentially taking up the same amount of space in your brain as it does in your home. The result is decreased performance and increased stress. /

But the benefits of tiny living go beyond the psychological. Most people find tiny homes more affordable and can even become homeowners without taking out a mortgage, saving on interest payments over 30 years.

How do tiny houses save you money?

Utilities: With less space to heat and cool, you can look forward to lower utility bills. Many tiny houses are so small and lightweight that they can be towed from location to location, making them the perfect option for composting toilets. This less-waste option breaks down human waste without needing to be locked into a sewage system.

Maintenance: It goes without saying that less square footage means less house to maintain over the years. But tiny living also forces you to choose only the appliances that you absolutely need in your everyday life, easily dodging costly appliance repairs.

Initial costs: We’ll break down the various costs associated with building a tiny house later on in this article, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s start with the initial cost. According to The Tiny Life, you can build a tiny house for an average of $23,000, whereas the average full-sized single-family home costs $272,000.

Do tiny homes cost less per square foot?

One common misconception about tiny living is that it lowers your cost per square foot. Actually, the opposite is true. To commit to tiny living, you need to pack all of your non-negotiables into one small, carefully planned area. Take your time looking at tiny house design inspiration and space-saving solutions to make the most of each square foot. It’s often less expensive to build a tiny house than it is to buy one. You’ll be able to consider your precise needs and fully customize every inch of space with smart tiny home solutions.

As you start planning how to build your tiny house, there are a few steps you can take to lower your overall costs. One way to reduce your cost per square foot is to purchase a tiny house shell. By purchasing just the finished exterior, you’re left with a fully customizable interior at your lowest possible cost. Metal building components like doors, windows, skylights, and facades give prefabricated steel structures the same welcoming look as their organic material counterparts.

Do tiny homes still offer safety and peace of mind?

A spacious home may offer you the illusion of safety, but the protection actually comes from the building materials you use, not the size of your home. This is yet another advantage of choosing a prefabricated tiny home shell – steel is strong enough to stand up to extreme weather conditions and fire. And unlike organic building materials, steel is mold and pest resistant.

If tiny living appeals to you because of the sustainability factor, you’ll want to make sure you’re practicing environmentally-friendly construction as well. After all, the idea is to reduce waste. Steel is a 100% recyclable building material, widely recognized as the number one choice for eco-friendly building initiatives.

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