80 x 150 Metal Building

Metal Building Insurance

Metal Building Insurance Saves You Money.

This article is meant to help you understand the savings associated with metal building insurance. But, like most of our articles, it will end up being a testament to why building with steel ultimately saves you a great deal of money. And if there’s one place we’re all trying to save money, it’s on insurance…

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car wash

How To Start A Car Wash

  Here’s something you might not know: nearly 8 million vehicles are washed every day. Is your entrepreneurial spirit tingling? It should be. After all, $5.8 billion is spent at carwash businesses every year, and with 90% of car washes owned by small business owners, you could be cashing in on a highly profitable business.…

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Industrial Building

Industrial Building Properties with Cost Effective Steel

We’re seeing a resurgence of companies bringing manufacturing and distribution home to the states. To compete with the low cost of outsourcing, you’ll need a cost-effective industrial building material that can be easily customized to house specialized equipment, accommodate trucks, and store an expansive inventory. When taking the leap toward investing in industrial architecture, consider…

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risk management

Risk Management and Emergency Facilities

Building Efficient Mission-Critical Facilities With Risk Management in Mind In the next thirteen years, the world’s population is expected to increase by over one billion people. With this rapid growth comes the overwhelming need for more risk management and emergency facilities, from firehouses to police stations. But how has technology changed the way mission-critical buildings…

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Commercial Grow Room Setup Cost

Getting your Commercial Grow Room setup right is the most critical step! Such spaces must offer a clutter-free space with zero inclimate conditions or pests. The entire setup cost depends on several factors such as building type and design. Let’s understand how you can cash in on this rapidly-growing industry while keeping your costs low.…

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