50 X 100 ft Metal Building


50 x 100 metal buildings run twice as long as its width, making it the perfect solution for facilities that require two areas of operation – one for the customer and one for employees. The front exterior and waiting area of your facility can be fully customized to wow your clientele, leaving the back of the structure wide open for any behind-the-scenes work necessary. Also, while a 40 x 80 metal building offers that same benefit, consider this: 50 x 100 metal buildings create over 56% more space, providing you with 5,000 square feet at your best possible cost per square foot.


We have the largest network of manufacturers of prefabricated steel buildings. We work closely with our partners to provide you with the best price, fastest delivery, and guaranteed highest quality. Our professionals will help you throughout the process, from choosing the right building system to installation so that you can focus on other areas of importance. We have cutting-edge solutions that will meet your requirements and budget, allowing you to build a modern space while boosting productivity. Currently, we offer I Beam and Cold Form building systems. See which building system is right for you.

110x110 I-Beam Symbol


Pre- engineered steel buildings provide the unlimited opportunities for customization, speed of construction, lowered costs, and decreased maintenance.
110x110 COLD FORMED Symbol


Cold Form Buildings (CF) start as structural steel sheeting and are formed into c-shaped steel members.

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