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Outbuilding: Why You Need One and How To Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions about An Outbuilding

An outbuilding, or any small building that is separate from the main building, is a simple and effective way to add value to your property. A functional and well-designed outbuilding will not only increase the value to future owners but will create new ways for you to enjoy every aspect of your property. If you’re looking for a new Spring project to breathe new life into your backyard, this is the perfect place to start.

Do you need planning permission for outbuildings?

The requirements may differ from state-to-state. For example, in North Carolina, a storage shed or other type of outbuilding only need a building permit if any dimension is greater than 12 feet. However, the state will still require that you acquire a zoning permit. As you begin planning your outbuilding, check in on your state regulations. If you’re building in a neighborhood, be sure to check for any guidelines set forth by your Homeowner’s Association.

Can an outbuilding strictly be used as a shed?

The possibilities for outbuildings are virtually endless. One of the more popular uses for modern outbuildings is “glamping.” A standardly sized outbuilding can easily be converted into a miniature guesthouse to create lasting summer memories. They’re also an ideal space for freelancers and remote employees who work from home. Having a space separate from the home makes it easier to start and end your workday on a creative note.

Don’t let the idea of a shed limit your creativity. Outbuildings can also be an incredibly luxurious addition to your property. Consider a pool house, soaking tub, sauna, or outdoor shower. These customized outbuildings are an important step in adding value and luxury to your outdoor oasis.

But don’t knock the idea of the old-fashioned shed so quickly. Outbuildings can easily be customized for use as greenhouses, potting sheds, or multifunctional storage units. They’re essential structures for anyone with a green thumb.

Is adding an outbuilding to my property affordable?

Prefabricated metal buildings have a very low initial cost. Adding a shed, greenhouse, or cabin for the kids might be more affordable than you think. But the real cost savings comes much further down the line. Unlike competitive building materials like wood, steel isn’t flammable or susceptible to rot, corrosion, or pests. You’ll be able to enjoy your outbuilding for years to come, all the while saving money on maintenance.

What if my needs change?

A metal outbuilding provides so many possibilities for storage, work, and play. And if your needs change through the years, prefabricated metal buildings can easily change with you. Steel is endlessly recyclable, making it easy to remove each part and add more walls over time, sometimes without any complicated construction. Will a metal outbuilding look as good as a wooden shed?
Your metal outbuilding is fully customizable. When you begin to plan the initial design, start with how many doors and windows you’d like to include. From there, you can really hone in on the aesthetics, such as roof style, wall color, or facades.

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