17500 sq ft. Manufacturing Buildings The Villages FL


Client: Mico Customs

Industry: Manufacturing

Size: 50x300x20 & 25x100x20

Location: The Villages, FL

Building System: I-Beam

Our client is a general contractor located in The Villages, Florida. They are one of the trusted Homecrest Cabinetry dealers in the Florida market area. Apart from their core business, they also deal in the local interior trim, exterior door & siding, home building, etc. After experiencing a sudden and rapid growth stream, they decided to expand their facility into a much larger area to accommodate their new growth. Therefore, they were looking for professional prefabricated metal building solutions having expertise in installing a roll up garage door into their manufacturing buildings.

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Requirement Specs –

  • A Professional Roll Up Door Installation Service

The client wanted an experienced project management team who knows how to fix a roll up door in a building.

  • Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving Solutions

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, already the client was lagging in expanding their facility. Moreover, most of their resources got damaged due to being unattended for a long time at the site.

  • Long-Lasting Prefabricated Buildings With Low Maintenance

The client specifically mentioned the durability of the buildings as expensive equipment and material needed to be kept in those storage needs. In addition, they also wanted a low-maintenance roll up door installation service in most buildings.


The Assistance From a Dedicated Rolling Steel Door Installation Contractor Fulfilled All the Client’s Needs In A Satisfactory Timeframe.

The biggest challenge that Coastal Steel Structures and our client faced during this project was overcoming the rapid changes that the entire world was experiencing at the beginning of March 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our client had all the essential building material and tools needed to construct the manufacturing facility delivered to their site before the beginning of the lockdown. However, they could not initiate the construction work to keep everyone safe.

Another issue was that the building materials could not be left on site for a long time as they could be damaged. Unfortunately, the working crew had to come into work, leading one of its members to get affected by COVID-19. Sadly, that person passed away after a few weeks, setting the entire construction team along with the client back.

Due to this, the project was facing a chain reaction of delays. However, when the project was about to finish, roll up shed door installation came out as a new issue. Because of the pandemic, the client did not research properly and handed over the task of roll up door reinstallation to some unknown installer. To their dismay, the installer incorrectly installed all the roll-up doors in the manufacturing buildings.

That’s when they decided to hire a proficient project management company to find an efficient solution for this roll up door mess!


Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us to Fulfill the Client’s Requirements

1. Finding A Professional Roll Up Door Installation Service To Reinstall All The Roll Up Doors At The Facility

Our research and project management team managed to find one of the expert roll up door contractors in town who was explicitly dedicated to roll up door installation services. That expert team had to uninstall all the improper roll up doors and correctly reinstall them. Although this roll up door uninstallation and reinstallation was time-consuming, the expert team somehow managed to complete the task in a satisfactory timeframe.

2. Offering Cost Savings Delivery Times 

To the client’s surprise, our cost was 10% less than all other bids offered to the Coastal Steel Structures. It helped them fulfill all their needs within the deadline and at a reasonable roll up door installation cost.

3. Providing Dependable Roll Up Garage Door Installation Services That Required Low Maintenance

Our project management team ensured that the roll up door contractor they had picked had the right skills and knew how to fix a roll up door efficiently. The roll up team utilized the suitable technique and correctly set all the rolling steel doors. In fact, they also used appropriate materials for installing a roll up garage door so that they won’t require high maintenance again and again.



The COVID-19 pandemic had an intense impact on everyone’s life; however, it severely influenced the business world. Both CSS and our client had to face massive losses during this period, but amidst mounting pressure, we showed tremendous agility to tackle the adverse consequences.

Our entire team felt proud to find a professional roll up door installer for our client when the conditions were not in our favor. Their team reinstalled the doors correctly and ensured that while providing the roll up door uninstallation services, they avoided wastage as much as possible. The client was also thankful for our assistance which helped them construct 50x300x20 & 25x100x20 manufacturing buildings in an area of almost 17,500 sq. ft. with well-functioning roll up steel doors.

This project taught us a crucial lesson of how to mitigate issues that result from external circumstances and handle immense pressure during those times. Since that project, our client has contacted us again to expand their facility further.



If you are also planning to have a prefabricated metal building to fulfill your business needs, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our project managers and see how we can assist you with your business requirements.

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