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50 x 50 Prefab Metal Building Retail Storefronts

Commercial real estate investors are masters of finding the perfect balance of construction costs, lower maintenance, cost-effective insurance, and attractive upgrades. It’s no easy task to stay on top of what tenants are looking for in today’s commercial real estate market. But if there is one benefit that never goes out of style, it’s saving money. That’s why prefabricated metal buildings are the number one choice of commercial real estate investors everywhere – shortened construction timelines, flexible designs, safety, and sustainability come together in a powerful combination only found in steel. And you don’t need to be a multi-million dollar investor to get your foot in the door.

50 x 50 prefab metal buildings are the ideal choice for commercial real estate investors who are looking to start small. Even with fewer square feet, this building kit can create retail storefronts that are just as flexible for store owners as they are profitable for landlords. Let’s explore all the benefits of 50 x 50 prefabricated metal buildings.

Why are prefab metal buildings ideally suited for retail?

Prefabricated building kits can be convenient and cost-effective for practically any project. After all, they are designed off-site with every customization in mind and delivered to your construction site for easy erection with a shortened construction time. Practically any industry could benefit from the convenience and lower costs of using prefab steel. But when it comes to using prefabricated metal building kits for storefronts, it truly is a match made in heaven. Here’s why.

  • Sizing accommodations: Most traditional construction materials aren’t intended to bend and conform to your specific needs. Perfectly fitting your building to your precise lot size can be a deciding factor in the success of a business.
  • Expedited timeline: After off-site prefabrication and delivery are complete, a metal storefront can be up and ready for interior design work in as little as a week. That means less time wasted watching foot traffic walk by your “coming soon” signs, and more time leasing your space.
  • Affordable pricing: The shortened construction timeline is already designed to save you tens of thousands of dollars. The prefabricated nature of steel building kits is practically guaranteed to save you money in initial and long term costs as compared to traditional building materials.
  • Durability: Commercial real estate investors are looking for retail spaces that fit the “turn it and burn it” philosophy. No, we’re not starting fires here. It’s all about creating a fast turnover time where maintenance won’t have to be a constant factor. Steel buildings are carefully designed to withstand every element from rust to hurricanes, pests to earthquakes.

Why is a 50 x 50 prefab metal building perfect for retail storefronts?

If you’re just getting started in commercial real estate, or if you have a small plot of land with significant potential for retail traffic, a 50 x 50 prefabricated metal building kit is the ideal choice. We call it “The Conqueror,” and it’s just that. This square building is built to conquer a variety of retail conditions.

Retail storefronts often fit better in long, skinny spaces. So you might be thinking, how would a square building be a perfect fit in the retail industry? It simply isn’t designed to fit that space. Thanks to the flexibility of design in prefabricated metal building kits, a square building is an ideal shape for retail storefronts. You can easily divide up the interior for brick and mortar stores that also wholesale. You can create beautiful storefront displays upfront while designating the back half for offices. Or, you can divide the interior into multiple storefronts to cash two rent checks each month.

One of the essential features of any prefabricated steel building kit, especially for retail storefronts, is the exterior design flexibility. It’s easy to take a single building divided into two retail spaces and make them look entirely separated. Steel buildings come with the option to apply a variety of facades, including colored metal siding, wood, brick, stone, and so much more. Two stores with entirely different aesthetics can sit side by side without the additional cost of creating two separate buildings.

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