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3 Things Every Poultry Barn Needs

A world-class poultry facility will serve your birds, your workers, and your bottom line. When you custom-build a poultry barn to your exact specifications, you’re ensuring that you get the best possible value for your money by:

  • Designing with animal comfort and productivity in mind,
  • Creating a safe and efficient environment for your workers,
  • And choosing building materials that reduce your long term maintenance costs.

3 Things Every Poultry Barn Needs

The true cost of starting a poultry barn is about more than the initial investment. When you spend the money to make the right customizations to your poultry barn, you’re creating the opportunity for long term savings. The following customizations are only available for prefabricated metal buildings. By choosing the right building materials and making these customizations from the get-go, you’re increasing productivity and lowering your long term costs.

1.Ventilation Systems

One of the most important aspects of a poultry barn environment is controlled temperatures. A proper ventilation system is the best way to maintain equal temperatures throughout a poultry barn of any size. Without it, the birds will begin to cluster in specific areas. This can cause a variety of problems, from egg system overload to fights.

When creating a customized ventilation system, the number one thing to take into consideration is the climate. Poultry barns in colder areas need horizontal ventilation in the louvers to mix cool air with any rising heat. The opposite is true for hot climates. Low areas of ventilation allow warm air from outside to mix with the coldest air that falls to the ground. In any event, the idea is to regulate temperature without disturbing the birds with harsh, sudden changes.

2.Translucent Lighting Panels

Birds require 8 hours of sleep to maintain optimal health. When designing a poultry barn, windows and light panels need to be carefully placed to maintain controlled light flow into the barn. Allowing light to shine directly onto cages or onto the floor can create light and dark zones in the barn. Not only can this create hot and cold spots within the barn, but it will also cause the birds to fall asleep, sending their schedules and rhythms off-kilter. Translucent light panels and deflector discs create a soft light that glows throughout the barn rather than concentrating it into one area.

3. A Tight Sea

In order for a custom ventilation system to work, you need to start with a building that is sealed in all the right places. Without it, you won’t be able to control how much moisture enters your poultry barn. Even when you invest in high-quality bedding and feed, it can easily be ruined by condensation. Excess moisture can also cause the feed to stick to the birds’ feet, carrying it into nests and bedding and resulting in dirty eggs.

The best way to control moisture is to choose a building material that creates a tight seal from the outdoors. Unlike wood, man-made steel is created with unbeatable strength to prevent settling, cracks, or damage from pests.

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