Coastal Steel Structures is the leader in prefabricated aviation hangars.

A pre-engineered steel hangar building is customized for aircraft, making it the perfect solution for storing and working on a variety of large machinery. These structures are not only designed to accommodate large aircraft doors, but can also be customized to feature maintenance rooms, workshops, waiting rooms, office spaces, conference rooms, and more. Since these structures are specifically designed for aircraft, they are noncombustible and cannot add fuel to an existing fire. This ultra-strong design can withstand high winds, heavy snowfall, and even earthquakes.

There is a variety of doors available for your airplane hanger:

  • Sliding doors
  • Self-supporting hydraulic doors
  • Vertical Lifting
  • Bi-Folding

If you’re ready to build or expand an aircraft hangar, we have prefab metal aviation building kits in-stock, in all sizes layouts.

Our aircraft steel buildings:

  • Comply with strict national industry standards
  • Are customized for sophisticated infrastructures
  • Erect faster for quicker occupancy
  • Provide a clean and dry environment
  • Stand the test of time against weather, pests, mold & rotting
  • Come standard with a 25-year Manufacturer’s Warranty*

Why choose our prefabricated aircraft hangars over traditional building structures?

1.Higher longevity:
Due to the clear span design, prefabricated aviation hangars have a much larger open space without internal columns. Prefabricated aviation hangars can also withstand the impact of strong winds, storms, and earthquakes.

2.Construction is fast and simple:
The prefabricated aircraft hangar is panelized steel and modular units that can easily be assembled at the project site. Since drilling, welding and cutting are all completed at the factory, we can construct your building in less time than when using other materials. Due to this, you save more time on construction when compared to traditional concrete or wood buildings.

3.Easy maintenance:
Other than the occasional power washing of the exterior, prefabricated steel aircraft hangars require less maintenance compared to wood or concrete structures.

4.Anti-corrosion and termite-proof:
Prefabricated steel is often bathed in molten zinc or protective coatings such as paint and acrylic finish that make them anti-corrosive. All steel structures are impervious to termite damage due to their inorganic composition.

Our post-frame aviation building is energy-efficient and offers limitless functionalities to suit your requirements.

Our design team will personalize the door opening and interior to your needs for better functionalities and aesthetics. We provide you with swing, accordion, bi-fold, hydraulic, overhead, and sliding door configurations to choose from. Plus, we help you integrate sound-absorbent materials in your steel airplane hangars.

How much does it cost to build a steel airplane hangar?

Being the leading steel airplane hangar construction company in the USA, we offer economical and durable hangar building structures. Maybe you are questioning “how much to build a hangar” or “what is the exact hangar construction cost.” The answer depends on your requirements, customization, and size of the aircraft hangar. For a quote, reach out to our experts. 

Why is Coastal Steel Structures the ideal choice for you?

We are proudly rated  A+ by the Better Business Bureau for our world-class customer service and steel structures. Our team has 20 years of combined experience, and we continuously strive to deliver the best to our customers. We will help you bring your ideas and creativity to reality throughout the process. 

Our designs and frames are highly resistant to changing weather conditions and can withstand high wind speeds. Also, we provide you with an option of  vehicle access doors, and other accessories if required.


Prefab Metal Building Sizes The Honcho


40 X 80 ft


The Honcho is ideal for building on a narrow lot.

The Maverick


50 X 60 ft


A 50×60 metal building is an ideal size to start or expand your current operation.

Prefab Metal Building Sizes El Capitan


80 x 150 ft


Maximize space on a narrow lot or construct a single building with multiple isolated spaces.

Let’s add the features you want and estimate the costs of your steel structure.


While we can give general guidance depending on the project, hangar doors require custom engineering and could require adjustments to building size.  Think of it more as starting with the door dimensions – usually to fit a particular aircraft – and designing the building around this.

Wings don’t pass through steel beams – we can provide a clear span structure to suit your aviation needs.

While we do not sell the hangar door itself, we can accommodate virtually any door you decide to use.  When quoting any hangar door, the company will provide you with a spec sheet – this is what you can provide to us in order to design our opening correctly.  It’s also typical for us to provide our sheeting to cover the door, in order to match the rest of the building.


We have the largest network of manufacturers of prefabricated metal buildings. We work closely with our partners to provide you with the best price, fastest delivery, and guaranteed highest quality. Our prefabricated electro-mechanical steel frames with single or double insulated doors require little maintenance. One of the most incredible benefits of our airplane hangar is its column-free, clear span design which allows you to maximize your space within the structure. 

 At Coastal Steel Structures, we have a vast variety of pre-fabricated steel buildings, which can be utilized for small and large aircrafts. See which building system is right for you.

110x110 I-Beam Symbol


Pre- engineered steel buildings provide the unlimited opportunities for customization, speed of construction, lowered costs, and decreased maintenance.
110x110 COLD FORMED Symbol


Cold Form Buildings (CF) start as structural steel sheeting and are formed into c-shaped steel members.


From agriculture to storage, retail to residential, prefabricated steel structures work for every project because they can be customized with ease. You have clearspan design to thank for that - sturdy steel that won’t settle over time makes it possible for wide-open interior spaces, untethered by large support beams.

Get started today!

Our team of experts will consider your requirements and discuss our building models with you. We will provide you with a budget-friendly quote and allow you to personalize your steel structure. Our structures are specially designed to offer expansion with exceptional reliability and strength, making them an ideal choice for farmers. Contact Coastal Steel Structures now and let’s build together!


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