Developers and real estate investors can save up to 50% on time and material costs when choosing steel over organic materials.

The most significant advantage of choosing prefabricated steel for an office building is fast construction. Developers and real estate investors can save up to 50% on time and material costs over the life of the project when choosing steel over organic materials. It’s all about the off-site design process. The exact specifications for the office building are entered a design program to create a customized building kit. That kit is delivered to the construction site, ready to be erected with simple bolt-together construction. The process provides builders with the best of both worlds – quick and easy installation at the lowest possible cost.

Customizations that could make your office space more attractive to potential renters include:

  • A range of color options
  • Skylights and wall lights
  • Flexible partitions for shared office spaces
  • Customized facades including stucco, wood siding, masonry, and more
  • Clear span construction for open concept workspaces
  • Personalized entrances and waiting areas for greeting clients and guests
  • Noise-reducing wall panels

If you’re ready to build or expand a commercial office, we’re ready to save you money on materials, labor and equipment costs. Our pre-fab building kits can be customized to fit simple to more sophisticated infrastructure requirements including…

  • Different building sizes
  • Provide efficient, flexible, and expandable environments
  • Sleek exterior looks to increase curb appeal
  • Multiple exterior and interior colors to choose from
  • Clear span framing designed to accommodate a variety of layouts


Prefab Metal Building Sizes The Governor


30 X 40 ft


A 30×40 metal building will accommodate a wide variety of uses.

Prefab Metal Building Sizes The Chief


40 X 60 ft


One of our most popular sizes for both business and private use.

Prefab Metal Building Sizes The Rebel


50 X 100 ft


The perfect solution for facilities that require two areas of operation.

Let’s add the features you want and estimate the costs of your steel structure.


We have the largest network of manufacturers of Pre-engineered metal buildings. We work closely with our partners to provide you with the best price, fastest delivery, and the highest quality guaranteed. See which building system is right for you.


Pre- engineered steel buildings provide the unlimited opportunities for customization, speed of construction, lowered costs, and decreased maintenance.


Cold Form Buildings (CF) start as structural steel sheeting and are formed into c-shaped steel members.


Light Gauge Buildings (LG) are no longer available.


From agriculture to storage, retail to residential, prefabricated steel structures work for every project because they can be customized with ease. You have clearspan design to thank for that - sturdy steel that won’t settle over time makes it possible for wide-open interior spaces, untethered by large support beams.