Cold Form building technology is the perfect solution for those looking to build quickly. At Coastal Steel Structures we don’t prefer one building system over the other. I-Beam building technology has a world of benefits in comparison to Cold- Form. You just have to consider the right technology that works for your project and timeline. Here are some key benefits to selecting a Cold-Form building system.



All framing components are G-90 Galvanized, this provides maximum protection against erosion and rusting. All buildings are custom engineered to meet local code.


Cold Form buildings can be customized to suit your needs and built to spec.   Cold Form structures can also handle higher roof pitches as well as mezzanines.


Foundation engineering and full installation manuals are provided in the construction process. All construction materials are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded. There are no weld-points which make building erection simple.


Cold Form steel offers minimal carbon emissions and waste. These buildings are energy efficient and are less costly to maintain.


Engineering in as little as 5-7 days and you can have steel on the ground in as little as 4 weeks.


Cold Form steel buildings and residential projects are the perfect fit. Cold Form provides the design, fabrication, and construction flexibility to bring your project to life. These buildings are durable, energy efficient, and have reduced construction costs. Keep reading to learn more about all the different residential applications you can use for Cold Form buildings. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired!


Consider using Cold-Form buildings to protect valuable assets and equipment on your property with a workshop or garage that can be designed in a variety of sizes. Get your garage faster without sacrificing design. Whether you are looking to protect your car collection, or an investment in equipment for your business, a Cold-Form steel garage is a practical investment that is a reliable material and will give you peace of mind.


Don’t have enough space inside of your current workshop? Do you have the land and space you need to create a bigger space? Take your workshop to the next level and get more space that you expected with a Cold Form steel building. If it’s time to expand your workshop, this building can give you the space you need to become more efficient. Look at some of the workshops we have fabricated over the years.


A Cold-Form Barndominium offers durability and safety for decades over wood so that a family can be rest assured that their home is strong enough to last for generations. Cold Form Steel building homes are becoming increasingly utilized in modern home construction. It offers reduced costs compared to traditional construction and can be customized to meet the size, design, and accessories you require and can be delivered.

Roofing Systems

Cold Form roof panels have you covered and can handle wind uplifts and snow loads that meet and exceed codes. Not only do they serve as a structural component, but they are also dynamic enough to meet your architectural needs as well.

Think that’s all the residential applications Cold Form steel buildings can handle? Think again, click here to read more about She-Sheds, Mancaves, Guesthouses, and Gyms.


Customer service and a hands-on approach is what sets Coastal Steel Structures apart from the rest of the pack.


1. Speak to a Building Expert to Plan Your Project


2. Get a Quote & Project Scope


3. Project Manager assigned to you that will provide concierge level services through the entire process


4. Building Fabrication


5. Building Delivery


6. Building Construction