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Aiming for Sustainable Construction in 2020

It’s a new decade. Ten years ago, we probably would have thought that construction companies would have made greater strides toward truly sustainable practices by now. But the reality is that most construction companies and builders’ supply chains don’t consider the impact that they may have on the environment. Now more than ever, it’s essential to create real estate that tackles the issues of short term and long term sustainability.

In the short term, how will your structure immediately start saving energy? What systems do you have in place to ensure that everyday practices within those walls are as green as possible?

In the long term, how will your building last? Will maintenance enlarge your carbon footprint, or will your building materials stand the test of time? When your building is no longer serving its intended purpose, will all your materials just make their new home in a landfill?

Business owners, real estate investors, and anyone with interest in creating new structures in 2020 and beyond NEED to know this: using prefabricated steel building kits for everything from homes to warehouses, coffee shops to vet clinics, is the most environmentally sustainable option readily available to you.

How Steel Buildings Offer a More Sustainable Future

  1. Steel is the only 100% recyclable building material. When it comes to going green, this little fact has a significant impact. For years, steel has been the number one choice for recyclable construction. You can read about all the reasons why commercial real estate investors continually invest in steel here, but many times, this is the only reason they need it. For construction projects and business models with a short lifespan, deconstructing, and recycling your steel building can be quick and cost-effective. Recycled steel is essential to creating new steel, making it possible to recycle building materials without ever losing strength endlessly. Natural building materials like wood are a top ten contributor to deforestation and carbon emissions. But by choosing steel, you can reduce carbon emissions and create a longer-lasting, more sustainable structure.
  2. Prefab metal building kits start reducing energy expenditure from day one. It begins before you even move in. The prefabricated nature of the building shortens construction time. This translates into less energy and fuel spent to power heavy machinery, power tools, and vehicles. The structures also come with a variety of customizations to improve energy efficiency throughout the life of the building, including eco-friendly insulation. You’ll see the impact on your bottom line, too – properly installed insulation in steel buildings can drastically reduce your heating and cooling bills. Plus, the tight seal and strength of steel prevent air leaks that keep your climate control running day in and day out. That’s good for your wallet and the environment!
  3. Prefab metal buildings require less maintenance. Even when left untreated, steel is strong enough to defy the elements. These bolt-together components are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, earthquakes, and extreme snowfall. But sometimes, the smallest forces can create the biggest problem. Steel is naturally resistant to mold, termites, wood ants, mice, and other pests that would typically eat their way through natural building materials. This unprecedented level of durability extends the life of any building to reduce construction waste, energy consumption, and the use of dangerous chemical treatments.

In 2020, it’s our responsibility to step up to the plate and make a pledge: we will use more sustainable building practices this decade. We will create new structures that are built to last, just like our planet.

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