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Breaking Down the Cost of Steel Buildings in 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Opting for steel in commercial building projects offers several advantages. Its exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion make it a prime option for various locations and climates while also demonstrating an environmentally conscious choice due to its strength and long-lasting properties. This durability significantly reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements in industrial metal buildings over time.

Moreover, pre-fabricated or pre-engineered steel buildings can be customized to cater to the specific requirements of different industries or individual needs. Furthermore, steel is competitively priced compared to other building materials, and its ability to outlast them makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run. Now, let’s explore other benefits of erecting a commercial metal building.

How Much Does a Steel Building Cost?

Building with steel is a great choice for commercial, industrial, or agricultural structures. Even some modern office and residential builds are being completed with steel. Its durability and strength make it a great long-term choice.

As far as pricing, most steel structures are comparable to other building material counterparts. Currently, most steel buildings average between $15 – $30 per square foot. The price range will fluctuate due to factors like which region of the country you’re building, the size and scope of the structure(s), and additional prep work or speciality features requested.

Top 4 Reasons for Opting for a Commercial Metal Building for Your Business

Pre-engineered steel buildings offer contractors, architects, and clients an excellent option for commercial structures. And they’re able to meet the needs of numerous different applications.

  1. Tailor Your Metal Building to Meet Your Requirements

Pre-engineered steel buildings can be configured and customized to meet each client’s specific requirements. Both interiors and exteriors can be designed and built to meet the needs and desired look different customers may request.

For example, pre-engineered steel buildings from Coastal Steel Structures are in use for a wide range of applications. The client and company discuss what‘s needed or requested for each structure. Nearly any design or customization can be achieved within reason.

  1. Versatile Solutions for a Range of Applications

Steel structures are great choices for a wide variety of industries or uses, due to their durability and flexibility of design. Although industrial uses are some of the more popular choices for these structures, there are also many ways in which steel buildings can satisfy the needs of schools, public and private offices, or even residential applications.

  1. Energy-efficient Metal Buildings

Because steel is so durable and long-lasting, it can be considered energy efficient and a positive for the environment when used as a building material. Consider that energy is used to process and manufacture building materials. If a building material cannot stand the test of time, more energy will be required to manufacture new material for repairs or replacement.

With steel, the need for replacement or repairs is a much longer arc of time compared to other building materials. This durability leads to greater material sustainability and a lower carbon footprint. Plus, once properly insulated, steel buildings can also become energy efficient in their approach to standard heating and cooling.

  1. Quick Construction Time Compared to Other Materials

One of the greatest advantages of choosing pre-engineered steel structures is the time it takes to move from planning and blueprints to manufacturing and erecting. In fact, deciding on building size, structure, and interior specifics may be the lengthiest part of the process for some clients.

Once all planning decisions have been finalized and the blueprints sent off for manufacturing, the foundation for the building will need to be completed. A solid foundation is critical for building success, so this phase must be adequately constructed and inspected before moving ahead.

While the foundation is prepared and inspected, the steel structure is being manufactured to meet the client’s specifications. Depending on building size and specifics, manufacturing time will fluctuate, with an average turnaround time of around 4-7 weeks.

The complete building will be shipped pre-engineered, but not pre-constructed, to the construction site. Since the steel building has been manufactured to exact specifications, the erector crew simply needs to put the building together following the specific plans.

Specific manufacturing plans also mean less building material overage waste. Most erector crews will need 1-2 weeks to complete the build, with additional time needed for final inspections and project sign-off with the customer. Of course, depending on materials and manufacturing availability, each job completion timeframe will fluctuate a bit. Overall, building with pre-engineered steel is relatively quick, resulting in an extremely sturdy and safe final product.

Durable and Robust Metal Buildings

Although we’ve mentioned it previously, it bears repeating that steel buildings are some of the most durable structures available. Steel is strong and resists many bumps and bruises an industrial structure may encounter. Steel is also corrosion-resistant. When painted or coated with a clear finish, it becomes even more resistant to weather and climate factors.

Steel’s strength also means buildings can be designed to offer superior structural support without requiring posts or other supports in the middle of a structure’s floor plan. This allows the floor plan of large structures, such as an airplane hangar, to remain open and unincumbered.

Coastal Steel Structures has two options for steel framing; I-beams or cold-formed buildings. Both methods offer excellent durability and strength, allow for complete customization, and are covered by 25-year warranties.

How Do Different Factors Impact the Overall Cost of Steel Buildings?

Pre-engineered steel buildings are some of the most versatile and long-lasting structures available for commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses. They’re also some of the best investments for companies, organizations, or individuals needing expanded work or storage spaces.

Key Considerations When Estimating the Cost of Your Steel Building

If you’re looking to build with steel, some factors and variables must be remembered. Understanding key cost differences and building requirements is an important place to start.

Impact of Site Location and Design

Developing a site for constructing a steel building can significantly impact pricing and overall build timelines. The more remote or rural an area can be a factor. Creating a stable base for a foundation may involve excavating or filling.

There may also be a need to build a substantial access road for material and equipment delivery. Highly industrialized areas can require more work to clear a site or create adequate access in and out.

Navigating the Supply and Demand Dynamics

The steel demand is rising, which can affect pricing and availability. Fortunately, a significant amount of steel is also being produced or recycled. Coastal Steel Structures professionals can craft estimates to reflect these and other economic factors when consulting on your building project.

Delivery and Construction Costs 

Once your steel building is manufactured and packaged, it can be shipped to the job site. Upon arrival, the erector crew will begin putting together the structure. Both of these processes will have their own pricing set based on the structure’s scope and size.

Choose Steel Buildings for Your Next Construction Project

At Coastal Steel Structures, excellence is ingrained in our work. Our unwavering dedication to our customers and exceeding their expectations is at the heart of our mission. We take pride in offering the finest quality products that can be found on the market. No matter what type of structure you require, we are fully equipped to deliver it. Don’t hesitate to contact us todayand let’s turn your plans into a remarkable reality.


Are you ready to start your steel building journey? Request a quote today and speak to one of our experienced team members to set you up for success and make your vision a reality!

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