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How To Start An Indoor Equestrian Riding Center


36 million – that’s how many hooves are hitting the ground in the US this year as recreational horse riding grows in the US. The demand for training facilities, equestrian centers, and riding stables is steadily increasing. To create a riding arena business with a fast return on investment and reliable service, there are a variety of factors to take into account: experienced staff, proper equipment, and especially a quality facility.

Some say the easiest way to start up a riding stable is to purchase an existing facility. But with the competitive cost of prefabricated steel buildings, it’s easy and cost effective to create a facility that is fully customized to fit your needs.

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What customized elements does a full-service equestrian center need?

The most high-end arenas provide riders with an indoor riding area, thoroughly lit for training at all hours and regardless of weather conditions. One of the most critical elements that riders are looking for is safe, well-kept footing, such as sand, dirt, or a more luxurious synthetic base.

Full-service equestrian centers will also have barn stalls, feed rooms, tack rooms, water troughs, storage, and even a waiting area. That means customizing your building with flexible wall structures and large entryways.

What sort of buildings accommodate these types of customizations?

Steel equestrian buildings are the most cost-effective solutions for keeping horses. The building material provides unbeatable durability and strength against a variety of conditions, from heavy snowfall to earthquakes. Prefabricated metal buildings also offer a tight, pest-resistant seal. But most importantly, the strength of steel gives you the opportunity for a clear span floor plan at any building size. Prefab steel can be designed in widths up to 200 feet and unlimited lengths for large riding areas uninhibited by columns.

What can you do with all of this space? A luxury riding center may offer jump courses and round pens to riders. With the possibility for further expansion, you can also consider providing horses for use in lessons and significant storage for hay, bedding, and maintenance equipment.

Is a pole barn the right choice for my equestrian center?

Pole barns are neither as safe nor as environmentally friendly as a steel structure. While the initial cost may be attractive, the long-term costs associated with maintenance will be more than enough to cover the difference. A pole barn is also not considered a permanent structure. Local building requirements will often need a more reliable long-term material for businesses and housing units for animals.

What size building do I need for my riding arena?

There are virtually no wrong size buildings for your riding arena. It all depends on your personal needs, riding discipline, or the level of service you’re hoping to provide to your riders. Consider this – small circles are harder on a horse’s knees. You may want to consider the maximum possible width to allow a horse to get up to speed on the straight. These factors make the 100’ by 200’ option very popular for equestrian centers. Also, depending on your riding discipline, the height of your riding arena plays a critical roll in allowing you to ride year-round.

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