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Light Gauge Steel Framing Market Predicted


The light gauge steel framing market is projected to exceed $43 billion by the year 2025. Why the sudden surge in this particular building material, you ask? You can thank the growing market demand for affordable, eco-friendly building techniques. To truly understand what makes light gauge steel such an appealing building material, let’s break down all the benefits.

What is light gauge steel?

As the name would imply, light gauge steel is thin metal, measuring between 1 and 3 mm in thickness. Even without the standard thickness, you can still count on the durability and strength of this building material thanks to the galvanization process. Each steel element is coated with zinc and aluminum, making the metal resistant to rust and corrosion.

This added layer of protection extends the lifespan of the already endlessly recyclable steel. That translates into dollars saved on potential repairs, maintenance, and expansion projects. Plus, light gauge steel earns significant points for long term sustainability.

What’s the benefit of thinner steel?

Unlike competitive building materials, this ultra-thin metal is flexible and easily customized. There are virtually no projects or industries that the material wouldn’t fit. Once more, light gauge steel isn’t limited to just the frame of your building. It can also be used for roofs, flooring panels, and walls.

That level of flexibility also makes light gauge steel the ideal choice for prefabricated building kits. Because of the lightweight nature of the steel, fully customized kits can be constructed and transported faster for quick and easy assembly, no matter what the project. All the customizations are made off-site, and the deliverables are assembled by a qualified construction team with simple bolt-together technology. Whether you’re constructing anything from a tiny house to a hotel, you can expect lowered labor costs and a faster return on your investment.

Why is light gauge steel becoming so much more common?

When you think of steel buildings, skyscrapers, business complexes, and high-rise residential buildings may come to mind. But when you bring prefabricated building kits and light gauge steel together, there are new possibilities for using steel in smaller projects. With the lowered initial costs and long-term sustainability of the material, light gauge steel can be the ideal building material for everything from small businesses to churches and sports complexes to single-family homes.

Will steel always be so affordable?

In 2016, the worldwide light gauge steel market was valued at just over $29 million and is projected to increase by nearly $20 billion in the next six years. With the increase in demand, more companies are looking to produce this man-made metal in a more efficient way. For that reason, you can always expect the prices of your building materials to fluctuate.

Thankfully, the increased popularity has been matched by increased availability all over the world. Light gauge steel is more accessible than ever in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Right now, steel may be the most accessible and affordable than it has ever been.

However, a better way to determine the affordability of light gauge steel is to consider long term costs. With proper treatment, light gauge steel is designed to resist corrosion, rot, and rust. It’s naturally pest-resistant and provides unbeatable strength against even the strongest weather events, like hurricanes and earthquakes. Over the life of your structure, you’ll save money on costly repairs and preventative maintenance. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why the value of steel only compounds over time. The endlessly recyclable nature and durability of light gauge steel lowers the effects of value depreciation.

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