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Planning to Build in 2020? Here’s Your Prefab Construction Timeline.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How long does it take to have a prefabricated metal building designed and delivered? What should I be taking care of while I’m waiting for delivery? Can I complete the construction myself? How do I find a contractor I can trust? If you’re planning to build in 2020, take a deep breath. These questions may seem daunting, but thankfully, they come with simple answers. That’s the benefit of prefabrication – the process was created to make design, customization, construction, and maintenance easier.

How long does it take to have a prefabricated metal building designed?

Prefabricated metal buildings come in a variety of sizes and dimensions that have been carefully curated to fit a range of needs, including industrial, retail, warehousing, residential, agricultural, and everything in between. Customizations, including overhead doors and windows, are to be expected. With an average number of small customizations, most buildings will have components ready for delivery in around six to eight weeks. Simply put, the steel frame of the building, any insulation, exterior walls, and roofing are all designed, manufactured, and ready to be bolted together upon delivery.

If overhead garage doors or custom-fitted blanket insulation are part of your design, those will be delivered along with your components. A variety of building facades are also available to change the aesthetic of your exterior. As well as custom components like windows and skylights bring some much-needed light to the design.

How fast can my prefab metal building kit be delivered?

After your final sign off on the preliminary drawings, the components of your prefabricated steel building kit can be delivered in as little as four weeks. From there, things will begin to move very quickly. Prefabricated steel is the number one choice of commercial real estate investors because of the shortened timeline between design and completion. By designing and manufacturing the building off-site and delivering the components with bolt-together technology in mind, buildings that may have taken months to construct with competitive materials can be up and running in a matter of weeks. You’ll save money by having half of the project completed off-site, and by shortening the number of hours spent with your contractor.

If the shortened timeline appeals to you, then you should consider those few weeks as crunch time for you to check a few things off your to-do list.

  • Permits: You will be responsible for pulling all permits for your project. You’ll need your engineered drawings for those. Don’t worry – you’ll receive them once you’ve finalized your design and customizations.
  • Site work: the steel components are anchored to a concrete slab.
  • Offloading: once your components are delivered via freight, you will be responsible for unloading. We recommend a two-ton forklift.
  • Contractors: if you choose to hire a contractor, offloading will likely be a service that they provide. They will also be responsible for any interior work, including outsourcing plumbing and electricity.

How does bolt together technology work?

Prefabricated metal buildings are designed to make construction simple. Many building owners choose to complete a great deal of the erection themselves. However, we only recommend the do-it-yourself method if you have the experience and equipment available to do so. Otherwise, bolt-together technology is meant to be used by contractors to make building erection more efficient. While it does simplify the construction process, none of the strength is sacrificed. Even with prefabricated components, steel is still guaranteed to create a tighter seal from the outdoors without ever settling like organic building materials.

Looking for a trustworthy contractor? You can learn more about how to find a trusted contractor with experience in the prefabricated metal construction in this article HERE. We’ve also created a network of contractors we know and trust throughout our years of experience. Get in touch with us here to learn more.

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