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Industrial Building Properties with Cost Effective Steel

We’re seeing a resurgence of companies bringing manufacturing and distribution home to the states. To compete with the low cost of outsourcing, you’ll need a cost-effective industrial building material that can be easily customized to house specialized equipment, accommodate trucks, and store an expansive inventory. When taking the leap toward investing in industrial architecture, consider your most important factors:

  1. Capacity. You’ll want a space that can accommodate not only an extensive inventory but large equipment. Consider the building’s capacity for ventilation and exhaust systems or semi-trucks for loading.
  2. Customizations. Distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses of all types may require large loading docks with overhead doors. Which building materials will allow for these customizations at your lowest possible cost?
  3. Protection. As you invest in your growing inventory and all the equipment that makes it possible, you’ll want a building that provides the highest level of protection. That can come at a cost. A low maintenance building material that can stand the test of time will help you lower your annual costs and get to your desired ROI faster.

What kinds of industrial building (s) are ideally suited for prefabricated steel?

Steel buildings make the ideal conditions for refrigeration and cold storage. Unlike organic building materials, steel will never settle or leak, making it easy and cost effective to create a tight seal that maintains interior temperature. This is the ideal environment for a food distribution center, especially considering the protection from pests. Since no pest can snack on steel, you eliminate the need to use costly and potentially dangerous pesticides and wood treatments around the food.

They’re also the perfect home for high technology industries, such as telecommunications or research and development. Both require a flexible workspace that can be easily customized to suit a variety of needs. For example, a data hosting center might need space to accommodate offices, manufacturing, and warehouse space, all with reinforced slabs to support heavy equipment and backup generators.

In research and development, the needs of the building may change as researchers move on from one project to the next. Steel buildings feature flexible wall panels that make it easy to rearrange spaces for better workflow, more offices, or more wide-open spaces. The possibilities for configuration are virtually endless – the clearspan design of prefabricated steel structures doesn’t include any bulky support beams to maneuver around. The flexible wall panels can be placed practically anywhere.

This type of construction also gives way to many possibilities for showrooms. Showroom buildings feature a retail display space that creates a unique sales experience for the customer, all while storing extensive inventory onsite. Perhaps the most important selling point in using prefabricated steel for showrooms is the ability to easily change the aesthetics. The buildings can be customized to fit seamlessly into any retail plaza with a variety of facades, like stucco, brick, or stone. Industrial building owners can cash in on a cost-effective building material without sacrificing the design that brings customers in the door.

Very few industries wouldn’t benefit from the power and protection of prefabricated steel buildings, but industrial uses are quite possibly the most perfect fit. Manufacturing and warehousing require efficiency, durability, ample space, and flexibility, all at a low overhead cost only steel can provide.


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