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Why Do Mechanics Prefer Steel Buildings For Their Auto Shops?

An automotive shop building generally requires a large open space that can accommodate multiple vehicles. Conventional buildings made of brick or wood with load-bearing columns supporting the roof are not always suitable. Since auto repair shops witness a huge demand for used cars and longer vehicle ownership, they may require opening new locations or expanding their existing shop.

Time is critical when building an auto shop or mechanic garage. The goal of every business owner is to quickly open their location and maximize their ROI (Return On Investment). This is one of the main reasons many auto shop owners choose steel building structures over other options. Prefab steel buildings top the list as they offer a large open space, a sturdy structure, and the best value!

Key Reasons to Use Metal Buildings for Auto Shops


  • Space

Steel garages offer the most space for auto shops. Clearspan metal buildings don’t have supporting columns like traditional structures and provide maximum space per area. A column-free structure can be built up to 300ft in width. After that, it is possible to go even wider. However, there will still be some columns, but not as many as conventional sheds. It is always a good idea to have a shed that lets you use the entire space with no interruptions. This is a desirable feature for auto shops and can be achieved with steel garages.

Prefabricated steel structures offer an uncluttered and spacious interior, which we have found to be the best. You have plenty of elbow space to do your job most efficiently.

  • Headroom and Size

An auto shop must have sufficient headroom. You must have enough space to accommodate the hydraulic lifts for vehicles and those working below them. Your building must be higher and sturdier to protect and support the operation. It would be best to look for a stronger option than the traditional tall sheds.

Steel garages are strong and can be raised to 42 feet if permitted by local building codes. If you cannot find a standard shed that meets your needs, custom steel garages will allow you to work in complete safety with protection against the elements.

  • Fast Framing

Fast Framing is a feature of pre-engineered steel structures that allows for quick framing. Prefabricated steel garages are also available to make your metal auto shop a reality. All the components are manufactured by the manufacturer and assembled at your location by the installers. 

Steel garages can be built 30% faster than traditional building construction with no need to compromise quality. These sheds are the best for maximizing construction time and quality.

  • Bigger Openings

Multiple entrances allow for easy access and exit to auto shops. Prefabricated metal buildings offer large openings that are strong and can be customized with various sizes and lifting mechanisms. You can design the opening to suit your needs, which streamlines your work process.

Steel buildings maximize the span of the horizontal metal wall framing (horizontal), which can be as far as 90 inches in the center (vertical spacing). This is because metal building projects often use a larger girt spacing to allow door framing.

  • Steel Is Non-Combustible

The International Building Code declares steel construction non-combustible. Metal buildings are almost entirely made out of steel, unlike wood-framed buildings that are made from combustible materials. This does not mean that metal buildings will be exempted from fire protection requirements. However, it provides significant benefits for non-combustible construction.

Many building types, including an automotive shop building, allow for metal buildings to have a greater area than unprotected wooden framed buildings. Sometimes, it can be as much as 50%.

Metal buildings are non-combustible, which gives them an advantage over combustible wood structures. If metal buildings are fire-rated, they can be larger than similar protected wood-framed buildings.

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association has developed and tested a variety of fire-rated roofs, walls, columns, and joints at Underwriter’s Laboratory. These listings include UL Design Nos. W404 and W413, respectively, are exterior wall fire ratings of 1 and 2 hours.

Exterior wall assemblies are made of non-combustible metal building wall framing, steel furring, and exterior metal wall panels. There are also a variety of insulation options.

  • Low Energy Costs

The cost of electricity and natural gas accounts for a large portion of the business’s operating expenses. Nearly three-quarters of all electricity consumed in the U.S. is used by buildings, with thirty-five percent to fifty percent wasted. Energy conservation can also help you save money. Installing initiatives such as a cool roof and insulation, ventilation, natural lighting, and ventilation can reduce your energy consumption while creating a healthy, comfortable environment.

How Can Metal Buildings Be Made More Energy Efficient?


White panels reflect more solar radiation than dark colors. This means that only a small amount of heat is absorbed into them. This special pigment improves re-emittance, absorbs heat that is not reflected and re-emits this heat in the atmosphere. This further reduces heat transfer into your roof. A cool roof will have the greatest effect on energy efficiency.


Insulation stops heat transfer and reduces heating and cooling system load. It keeps heat outside in summer and inside during winter. Insulation also prevents moisture buildup that can damage metal surfaces and is sold according to its R-rating. The higher the number, the insulation will insulate. Insulation can be installed below the roof, inside the walls, or underneath the floor system. It’s best to include it as many times as possible.


Proper ventilation is another method to reduce moisture and condensation while still keeping the indoor environment comfortable. Ventilation helps keep the air moving throughout the building to prevent the formation of cold or hot pockets. Steel buildings often have high ceilings. Heat loss through the roof is the greatest. You can make your heat loss a fraction smaller by using ventilation and insulation.


Your steel building will be more energy efficient if natural lighting is used. The windows should be placed so that light can enter the building without heating it. For the health and well-being of the occupants, natural light is highly recommended. Additional lighting should come from LED or CFL bulbs. These bulbs use less energy, convert more energy into heat instead of light, and last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

  • High Resistance

Galvanized steel is used to build metal buildings. It makes the sheds resistant to damage from the elements. Such steel is resistant to corrosion and its panels are also treated with special chemicals to prevent corrosion and aging. Your auto shop will remain the same for many years.

Steel sheds are strong and lightweight so that they can withstand harsh weather. Your metal auto shop can protect your clients and tools.


  • Steel structures are more fire-resistant than wooden designs, as wood is combustible and less resistant to fire when compared to steel.
  • A steel structure can span longer distances than other materials. This is one of the benefits of steel structures in construction. This allows architects to expand their options, creating new/large spaces with steel items that aren’t available with other materials.
  • Steel can be quickly and efficiently manufactured and delivered. You can have steel structures built off-site, on your shop floor. Then they can be gathered close by. This saves time and improves the overall development process.
  • Steel structures are flexible and can be designed according to specific requirements. This allows a steel structure to withstand earthquakes and heavy winds.
  • It is easy to install and assemble a steel structure on-site because of the simple parts.
    Steel buildings offer many advantages, including design, strength and durability, lightweight, speed in construction, versatility, flexibility, ductility and easy fabrication in different sizes, fire resistance, pest, and insect resistant, moisture and weather resistance, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, environment friendly, energy efficiency, improved construction quality, temporary structures, safe and resilient, and risk index.

The Steel Advantage For Your Automotive Shop Building

There are many reasons you should choose a metal building to house your auto repair shop. A metal shop building can be designed with open floor plans which allow you to maximize your space and provide greater overhead clearance. This is important for fitting your cars and equipment; Besides it comes with added benefits like ease of use and quick construction. 

Since steel is highly durable and can withstand fire, wind, snow, mold, etc., they require very little maintenance. If you need an automotive shop building you will be proud of for years to come, steel may just be the answer for you.


Are you ready to start your steel building journey? Request a quote today and speak to one of our experienced team members to set you up for success and make your vision a reality!

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