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Why Santa’s Workshop is Made of Steel

Have you ever wondered what the inside of Santa’s workshop looks like? Let’s paint the picture: elves hopped up on hot cocoa, hustling and bustling to design practically impossible packaging on the most in-demand toys of the season. Santa is buffing his sleigh while Mrs. Claus massages Rudolf’s hooves by the fire. With every passing day, the tension within those walls becomes more palpable. But we’re in the building materials industry. The toy assembly lines are the last thing on our minds. Instead, we’re wondering, “What is Santa’s Workshop made of?”

There can only be one right answer. When you factor in the North Pole climate, the intense workload, and the growing workforce, Santa’s workshop could only be done with steel. Here’s why.

  1. The North Pole squad needs climate control. As you can imagine, the very tip-top of the Earth is a little chilly. Blanket insulation custom-designed to fit every crevice of a prefabricated steel building works double duty, preventing temperature transfer to save heating energy and protecting the structure from moisture issues. It’s not a matter of whether or not Santa is willing to go the extra mile for his workshop. Steel is the only option that can keep the interior safe and comfortable year-round. After all, it’s winter all year round at the North Pole.
  2. Elves know efficiency. Do you think elves work in an assembly line? Or have they invented some new style of building toys that is more efficient than anything we mere mortals could comprehend? There’s no doubt that they’re always on the cutting edge of toy-making technology. That means that the interior of their workspace needs to be flexible at all times. Steel is the only building material that offers the strength to eliminate interior support columns, leaving up to 200 feet wide open. Elves can make the most of their square footage, use flexible wall panels to create temporary workspaces, and throw one hell of an open-concept office party at the end of the year.
  3. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. You might be thinking, ‘No interior columns with all that snowfall? That can’t be good.’ We have no idea how much it snows in the North Pole. Let’s call it ‘a lot.’ And prefabricated steel frames can handle it. These metal building kits are created to withstand heavy snowfall, hurricane-force winds, and even earthquakes.
  4. When is Santa’s busy season? We’re going to guess it starts sometime before December. When the chaos of building toys for millions of children around the world, Santa’s workshop needs to be able to expand as necessary – Steel is a highly flexible building material, meaning that it’s easier to add onto, or even to remove additions and make changes for special projects. Once more, steel is endlessly recyclable. Santa can use and reuse materials for a variety of projects year after year.

Christmas is a time-honored tradition, and Santa Claus has been hard at work in the North Pole for hundreds of years. His workshop has likely been standing for a long time, and it’s built to last for years to come. Steel was undoubtedly worth the investment, but you might be surprised to know the initial cost. Choosing a prefabricated building kit cuts labor costs and other construction costs by as much as 60%. Who needs Black Friday sales when it’s Christmas all year round?

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