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Why We Love Prefabricated Schools (And You Should, Too!)

Prefabricated construction projects are everywhere. Prefab steel can be found in the construction of houses, offices, hospital additions, hotels, motels, and prefabricated schools. Contractors all over the United States are starting to realize the advantages of building with prefabricated steel are far superior when compared to traditional brick and mortar construction.

The most appealing factors of prefabricated construction are that they are easy to assemble and dismantle, cost-effective, and very friendly to the environment. Whether it’s a hospital or office, prefabricated buildings are very efficient.

There are several benefits to a prefabricated school building that everyone should consider before they pull the trigger on a regular brick and mortar solution.

Here are six examples:

1. Speedy Construction of prefabricated schools.
One of the more significant upsides to prefabricated schools is the speedy construction, in comparison to a brick and mortar structure. Constructing prefabricated classroom buildings instead of traditional classrooms will speed up the construction process and will make very minimal interference to daily school schedules. Once the construction work has finished, Coastal Steel Structures will help you with any customization you’ll need down the road.

2. Practically no interruptions during class.
Prefabricating classrooms offsite allows a school to continue classes without distraction to the students. Once you have one prefabricated classroom, the rest can be built offsite while classes proceed uninterrupted. Once the classrooms are prefabricated offsite, they are assembled after class hours over a few days.

3. Build under budget.
One of the best characteristics of a prefab classroom is its cost-effectiveness. Building a brick and mortar classroom costs a lot more than a prefab classroom building. When you take into consideration drawing up architectural plans, hiring several contractors, materials, etc. it’s certainly more affordable to build a prefab classroom. There are a few options that come along with prefab building structures such as purchasing your building New, Pre-Owned, temporarily, or permanently. When it comes to prefabricated buildings, no school has to delay its expansion for classrooms or storage for books due to budget constraints. Prefab construction is useful for the budget and a very long lasting building choice making for a very economically friendly option.

4. Space Flexibility.
Every prefabricated school building is designed to be assembled, dismantled and reassembled very quickly if need be. The good thing about prefab classrooms is that once they’re built if at any time in the future you need more space, it can be added with ease. We can also create an extension offsite and add it to the existing construction if necessary.

5. Energy Efficiency.

The fact that you can design every prefabricated schools complex to a detailed specification makes it extremely easy to include an energy efficient solution. Prefabricated steel buildings use natural ventilation instead of circulated air and can also be fitted for solar power options. These options make your building more economically efficient.

6. Build onto at your convenience.

If a school needs to add things such as science labs, external offices, or classrooms for special education a steel structure can be added as an extension to the original structure to supply these needs.

Schools need to have versatility and flexibility to cater to new generations over the years of its existence. Prefab schools create the opportunity for schools to expand with ease. If you can’t cater to the needs of your students, what good is a school?

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