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How Agricultural Steel Buildings Contribute to Sustainability

Modern farming and agriculture are more than just raising livestock or harvesting crops. Working in agriculture is a big business and must be approached as such. A farm’s carbon footprint or use of sustainable materials, for instance, can affect their bottom line but also potentially the health of the planet.

Using eco-friendly, durable materials often reduces the need for replacement, which can add to a business’s material consumption. For example, constructing metal agricultural buildings out of steel is a great example of choosing to use products that can improve a business’s overall sustainability and longevity.

How Has Agriculture Changed Through the Years?

Farming and agriculture have proven to be essential for the survival and expansion of the human race. As time marches on, numerous aspects of agricultural work have remained constant, while others have adapted or changed to meet new demands or use emerging technology.

More than ever, farmers and agricultural businesses must pay close attention to how they’ll maximize their resources, micro-manage their farms, and transform their practices to keep up with demands. Technological advancements in equipment and facilities are significant for the future of agriculture.

Successfully running an agriculture-based business often means learning which parts are essential and what can be reduced or eliminated to remain profitable. Choosing the best equipment isn’t always economical, but it can make all the difference when considering how to stay competitive in the industry.

What Material is Best for Agricultural Storage Buildings?

Traditionally, agricultural buildings were constructed out of wood framing or concrete blocks. More recently, though, fabricated steel buildings have become more prominent.

Steel buildings, in particular, offer superior strength, design possibilities, long-lasting durability, and material sustainability. The ability to pre-design and customize these structures further adds to their desirability.

The Benefits of Metal Agricultural Buildings

For successful agricultural businesses, steel buildings offer superior functionality and professional quality designs to match their needs.

Steel offers Superior Strength and Durability

As a building product, steel is one of the strongest and most durable options available. From the exterior steel paneling to the steel frames and roof trusses, these buildings can withstand the elements, severe weather, and constant wear and tear from livestock, farming equipment, and other daily occurrences.

Additionally, steel buildings reduce the possibility of condensation, which can lead to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Steel is highly resistant to corrosion, fire, or other destructive forces.

Short and Long term Economic Advantages

Remaining sustainable focuses on reducing the need for additional raw and natural materials. Sustainability also means reducing the amount of energy a business requires. Building with steel helps to satisfy these requirements.

Steel construction can also have economic advantages both now and later. If a building is strong and durable, there are fewer calls for repairs, fewer materials needed, more occasional technician or handyman visits, and less energy expended. These benefits can help the bottom line both currently and down the road.

Exterior Customization and Modification

Steel buildings are developed under stringent engineering standards and are pre-fabricated to reduce post-construction waste or overage. They can also be completely customized and modified to meet the customer’s needs.

Developing a structure for an agricultural installation can be pre-planned on a design program before it’s even built, with all of the specifics included in the final building plans. This way, the customer receives exactly what their business needs without compromises.

Column-free and Flexible Interiors

Steel’s durability and strength also allow for large, open buildings free of support columns in the middle of the space. This open and spacious building design lends itself to a plethora of possibilities.

For instance, if training horses is your business, a large, open floor plan allows full training sessions to take place year-round. Or, if the building is used for housing equipment and materials, the absence of support columns in the middle of the floor gives greater potential for movement and flexibility.

Improved Sustainability

As mentioned above, steel’s strength and durability make it a more sustainable product. Let’s delve deeper into what the term sustainability means regarding steel structures.

Each time a product is created, numerous other actions must occur. Steel had first to be mined from the ground, then sent through a refining process. Later, energy is used to bend, extrude, flatten, and generally work the refined steel into the shapes and structures needed.

Creating sustainability, in the case of steel, means choosing and using a product that will last long enough to offset the energy used to produce the product in the first place. Ideally, if a product is built well and remains viable for its life expectancy, it is a product with greater sustainability than one which breaks and must be replaced or repaired.

What are the Uses for Metal Farm Buildings?

Since metal buildings can be configured for numerous uses, the possibilities come down to the creativity of the design. Some of the more common uses of steel farm buildings can include:

  • Equipment and Machinery– Storing valuable work gear out of the rain and elements is essential to keeping things in good working order. This is another aspect of increased sustainability, as well-maintained equipment requires fewer repairs or replacements.
  • Housing Livestock– Protecting livestock from the elements is equally important as these living commodities are usually worth more when alive and healthy.
  • Creating Office Space– Farming and agricultural businesses need places for paperwork, too. Adding a smaller steel building for managing the books could also double as additional storage for smaller items.
  • Storing Crops– Depending on the harvest, steel buildings are ideal for keeping crops dry and fresh until time to ship out or transfer to market.
  • General Purpose– Sometimes, having ample enclosed space for working or playing is beneficial without worrying about inclement weather conditions. An indoor covered space offers shelter for many agricultural operations.
  • New Farmhouse– Although most metal buildings seem to resemble barns, it’s also possible to construct a full-functioning living space. Building a new farmhouse or bunkhouse out of steel guarantees that the structure will offer superior durability, and the customization can provide maximum comfort and residential functionality.

What are the Factors that Influence the Cost of an Agricultural Building?

Constructing with steel is an excellent choice for buildings that need to be strong and long-lasting. When considering the costs for steel buildings, a few areas can add to the bottom line.

  • Customizing the buildings will help complete them for each customer and add to the overall cost. Customization is the most significant cost increase relative to what the customer wants and is willing to pay.
  • Foundation construction and land clearance can also add to the price tag. Successful building begins with a strong foundation, so don’t scrimp in this area. Equally, the land around the building needs to be functional, so some work may also need to take place there.
  • The size of the building will also directly affect the price. In most cases, the larger, the more it costs.
  • Hiring a construction crew will also contribute to the final total. At Coastal Steel Structures, we connect professional contractors with our building clients to help make plans torn into realities.

Coastal Steel Structures can Assist You in Selecting the Best Steel Buildings!

Choosing to build with steel is your best move. Not only is it a fantastic material, but it allows for numerous build specifics. When you team up with Coastal Steel Structures to help design your structure(s), you’ll partner with experienced professionals with decades of experience.

We are also partnered with numerous contractors who can handle installations, concrete work, foundation building, and customization. If a customer is in need, we’re there to help.

Our steel buildings have been engineered to remain strong and durable for years and are backed by extensive warranties.

Furthermore, we commit to maintaining the highest standards of transparency and integrity when dealing with clients. All Coastal Steel Structures employees are committed to delivering fully on our promises to all of our clients.

Investing in a steel building may be the spark to catapult your business or organization. It may also be another step towards maximizing your agricultural business’ output and bottom line. Whatever the motivation, choosing to build with steel is a wise choice.When you’re ready to begin planning and customizing your new metal agricultural buildings, look to the pros at Coastal Steel Structures. Our dedicated team can help design the perfect space for your needs.

today and see how we can help to transform your business with an industrial steel building.


Are you ready to start your steel building journey? Request a quote today and speak to one of our experienced team members to set you up for success and make your vision a reality!

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