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Reasons to Opt For an Indoor Riding Arena in 2023

An indoor riding arena is a wise investment if you’re serious about working with and training horses. Not only will you be able to maximize your training time and conditions, but you may also be creating a valuable riding resource for other horse enthusiasts in your area. With prefabricated steel structures offering a reasonable cost for highly versatile and durable buildings, a high-quality indoor riding arena is well within reach.

The Benefits of an Indoor Riding Arena

For those riders and coaches who want to elevate their training and teaching possibilities, an indoor riding arena represents a new level of dedication and a commitment to the culture of horses. In truth, an indoor arena presents the horses’ most significant advantages in several ways.

Fitter Horses

Horses represent some of the most elite athletes on the planet. These fantastic creatures develop long-lasting and multifaceted relationships with their riders and handlers and are integral to many sports. They also represent a unique animal-human relationship in which the two work together as reliant physical partners.

The key to remaining a top-tier athlete is the training and exercise they can regularly perform. With horses, they have to move to keep their bodies in good working order. Unfortunately, weather can significantly affect the amount of training possible when using outdoor facilities.

With an indoor arena, though, training and exercise can continue year-round. Whether it’s too cold, hot, or wet, or even when the snow piles up outside, an indoor arena can still be in use.

Rental Arenas

Investing in an indoor riding arena doesn’t just have to be for private use. A structure of this magnitude can be beneficial for many. Once the structure is completed, developing a rental system can offer a reasonable method for offsetting much of the building and construction cost, often in a relatively short period. In the long run, an indoor arena can represent a profitable and desirable structure.

Other than benefiting the owner(s), an indoor arena can also represent an accessible training facility for other riders or trainers who aren’t necessarily in the position to construct one of their own. Offering a top-quality indoor training facility will also boost the visibility and frequency of riders, trainers, and horse riding enthusiasts, in general, in the region. This common draw is often a region’s catalyst for developing a strong riding group and culture.


Indoor arenas represent a controlled environment and a safer location for training horses and riders.

The riding surface itself can be more thoroughly maintained and kept at optimal riding conditions. With each step, the horses will also experience a more even and sure-footed response. The sand and other substrates used for the flooring and riding surface will also add cushion and comfort to each step, jump, gallop, or canter. A well-maintained indoor riding surface can extend many horses’ riding life.

Quick Installation

Choosing to set up an indoor riding arena doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process, either. With prefabricated steel structures, the most time-consuming aspects have more to do with choosing your arena’s size, features, and functions.

Determining what kinds of doors and windows you’ll need, whether the sides will be open or enclosed walls, and what kind of storage and stable areas you may or may not have are just a few of the decisions to consider. More specific customizations can also be configured depending on the customer’s needs.

Once the building is fully planned, the blueprints and structure will be engineered, and the structural pieces manufactured. Many structures can move from the planning stage to completion in less than 90 days.


Choosing a steel building for an indoor or covered riding arena represents a commitment to using durable and corrosion-resistant materials, which help to reduce the amount of new or replacement materials your arena will need over the years. By not needing to manufacture new parts regularly, there is less strain put on natural resources.

Building with solid and long-lasting materials for your arena project reduces the structure’s carbon footprint. Natural resources like steel must be mined, processed, forged, and shipped. But, since steel is such a durable product, this process doesn’t have to occur as often, which means less energy used and carbon emissions created. Equally, there is less waste to manage since steel structures are built to last.


Enclosed or covered riding areas also offer great comfort for both the riders and the horses when training and competing. Not only are the elements, like rain, sleet, and snow, kept at bay, but these arenas also offer shade for those hot and steamy summer days.

When the horse and rider work in comfortable conditions, it’s more likely that they will be able to train for longer periods and more frequently, which is a benefit for both. Plus, with a covered arena, the flooring material can be managed more carefully and kept in proper shape to help avoid horse or rider injuries.


Training in climate-controlled arenas helps reduce stress and fatigue in overly hot or cold temperatures or climates. The air quality will also be controlled, which can improve conditions by reducing airborne mold spores, dust, and other particulates. Humidity levels can also be managed, further benefiting both horse and rider.

A taller arena with high ceilings allows for better air circulation and can prevent stale air from accumulating near the ground. An arena with open sides or large doors can allow for good cross-ventilation and help remove dust and other particles. Overhangs can help to protect the arena from rain and sun while allowing airflow. The footing material used in the arena can impact air quality. Proper drainage can help prevent moisture buildup and mold and bacteria growth.


A prefabricated covered or enclosed riding arena is also a beauty to behold. The steel buildings offer beautiful linear views, as well as an open floor plan which allows for unencumbered riding and training. The steel structures also provide a very professional look, which is inviting to riders and trainers, as they don’t feel like they’re training in an old run-down barn or pasture.

Plus, the steel buildings can be outfitted with different colored siding and roofing to match or compliment the surrounding environment or existing buildings and structures. The steel structures can also be painted or coated with different finishes, improving their overall aesthetics.

How Quickly Can Prefabricated Indoor Riding Arenas Be Installed?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing prefabricated steel buildings for an indoor riding arena is the speed and efficiency at which these structures can be planned, engineered, and constructed. Coastal Steel Structures uses ten baseline building models for their building designs, so many of the structures which can be created are already engineered and just need to be outfitted with the client’s unique specifications.

If a client needs greater customization for their building, we can happily accommodate and design around their needs. Then, once the design process is complete, the plans will be sent to the manufacturing division, which can prefabricate the entire structure, including specific customizations.

Coastal Steel Structures use either I-Beam or Cold-Formed technology to manufacture their buildings. Both systems offer complete customization for design as well as superior durability. Depending on the specifics of the building, either type of steel structuring can be manufactured, shipped, and ready for construction anywhere between 5 and 8 weeks. The foundation for the building will also be constructed during this timeframe.

Once the building is on-site, the contractor crew will begin the build. Depending on the build’s size and complexity, most crews can finish the build in 2-3 weeks. A client can have a new arena ready for use in 4 to 6 months. That’s a relatively quick timeframe to go from planning to completion.

Of course, each client’s process will be unique, and it’s best to consult with professionals to determine just how long your specific design and build process may take.

Built to Last

At Coastal Steel Structures, our buildings are highly durable and made to last, just like our reputation. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of options and variations for our steel structures, designed to meet each client’s specific needs.Whether looking to construct smaller utility buildings, barns, or large-scale industrial warehouses, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to professional and reliable service goes beyond just selling buildings, as we strive to give our clients our full attention and help make their dreams a reality. Contact us today.


Are you ready to start your steel building journey? Request a quote today and speak to one of our experienced team members to set you up for success and make your vision a reality!

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