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Why Prefab Steel is the Number One Choice of Medical Offices

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where a prefabricated metal building kit wouldn’t be the most convenient and cost-effective building solution available. The flexibility and durable nature of steel make it the perfect building material for virtually any industry, from warehousing to agriculture, houses of worship to barndominiums. But there may be one case where prefabricated steel building kits are too perfect. Is it possible to check too many boxes? To be too convenient, too strong, and also reliable? For medical offices and steel, it just might be a match made in heaven.

How to Start a New Medical Practice

Checking Off Box #1: Safety and Security

Prefab metal building kits are the obvious choice for doctor’s offices and various types of medical clinics for the very same reason they are well suited for government buildings. They offer unparalleled safety and security. When it comes to housing hundreds if not thousands of doctors, nurses, patients, administrators, and support staff (not to mention all of their sensitive medical information,) it pays to have a reliable structure.

A man-made building material that won’t swell, warp, or settle over time creates a tight seal from the outdoors, protecting sanitary medical environments from pests, moisture, mold, and much more. But while that feature is wildly convenient, the real selling point comes at the juncture between the foundation and steel components. An adequately anchored metal building can withstand incredible forces of nature, creating a haven from earthquakes, hurricane-force winds, excessive snowfall, and more. This reliability in a variety of extreme climates makes prefabricated steel an ideal choice for hospitals and emergency rooms.

Checking Off Box #2: Design Flexibility

It doesn’t matter if your project is a pop-up clinic with a two-year lifespan, a small town urgent care, or a multilevel hospital. Doctors’ offices, medical clinics, and a variety of other care facilities all have a unique set of needs and require extensive customizations. To meet the needs of the patient, the staff, the lot size, and more, you need a building material that can be carefully shaped without limitations. The only material available that can meet practically any design specification without sacrificing strength and durability is man-made steel.

In any case, the most critical design element that prefabricated metal buildings can offer is an open concept. Unlike organic building materials, steel beams can support up to 200 feet of width without the need for interior support columns. You’re probably familiar with these wide-open workspaces in larger facilities like hospitals, but this is especially handy in smaller clinics and doctors’ offices whose needs may change over time. Flexible, impermanent interior walls can be redesigned and removed as necessary to create offices, more clinical rooms, a larger waiting area, or storage.

Checking Off Box #3: Cost Savings

Patient care will always be the number one priority. But to provide the best level of care to patients, you can’t compromise on equipment, medicine, and well-trained staff. It all comes at a cost. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the infrastructure of your clinic, office, or hospital was working hard to operate at the lowest possible price? You could pass those savings onto your patients!

Prefabricated metal building kits are a cost-effective option for the medical industry because they have a faster return than competitive materials. The construction timeline is significantly shortened, saving money that would be spent paying an hourly rate to contractors and construction crews. You’ll be able to open your doors to patients faster, without compromising the integrity of your building. And thanks to the durability of the materials, steel is generally much less expensive to insure than competitive materials. You’ll also see long term savings around the cost of heating and air conditioning, with the help of energy-efficient blanket insulation. That’s a message new medical professionals will love to hear: save money on operations in your clinic, and put more dollars toward paying off your student loans for that MD!

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