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Why Are Government Buildings Built with Steel?

Here’s something you might not know: most government buildings that you’ve visited are more than likely prefabricated steel buildings. You probably didn’t notice. After all, your preconceptions about prefab metal buildings might have you picturing a boxy, bland structure without much architectural creativity. But modern steel buildings can be customized for a variety of uses, and government agencies have been using steel for city halls, courthouses, public libraries, post offices, fire stations, and everything in-between for years. Here’s why.

Metal building systems allow for the functionality your municipality needs at an affordable price.

When looking at contractor bids for larger government projects, the initial cost isn’t the only issue. Government agencies are looking for long term durability at the least possible price. Ideally, it will be decades before the building has reached its life expectancy. After all, the government is the foremost owner of real estate in the country. You wouldn’t expect them to make an unfortunate investment, would you?

So, government agencies are more likely to choose prefabricated steel for their long term projects. Metal buildings offer durability when it counts the most, inside and out. Steel is the perfect building material for providing high levels of security for sensitive government projects and guarded spaces like courthouses. It’s also the only building material that is fire resistant and strong enough to withstand everything from hurricane-force winds to earthquakes. The impenetrable exterior makes a big difference to the life of the interior as well – a tight seal combined with inorganic materials that won’t settle over time makes any government building a fortress against pests of all kinds. Over the life of the building, the government can save money on significant repairs as well as maintenance like regular pest control appointments. In short, investing in steel will mean fewer tax dollars spent over the years.

Government Buildings Built with Steel make excellent fire stations, police stations, municipal facilities for recycling, service centers or office space.

The needs of the community and population at large are always changing. Government buildings need to be flexible and efficient, ready to adapt at any time. A pre-engineered metal building is essentially an empty shell. The interior can be molded to fit a variety of needs, primarily when you utilize flexible paneling that can transform the layout within the day. The possibilities are practically endless thanks to the clearspan design only available with steel. The strength of the prefabricated frame allows the interior to be completely open concept up to 200 feet, eliminating the need for bulky columns that could break up space.

But at the end of the day, government buildings are most often built with steel because of the competitive price. Prefabricated building kits are more cost-effective than traditional building materials because of their fast erection timeline and lowered labor costs. Government agencies often use those cost savings to upgrade the building for the local community, opting for a beautiful facade to welcome visitors or creating a covered sitting area for government employees.

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