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Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Set Up a Prefab Workshop

Our customers often ask for tips when designing their prefab workshop. So, we’ve compiled the most “how to” questions asked and created this ultimate cheat sheet we think might help.

Organizing your prefab workshop

Space is a factor when it comes to organizing your garage workshop. However, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. You still need to maximize your space to get the most out of it.

Here are some storing and organizing ideas:

  • Utilizing overhead space such as ceiling or high wall shelving are great for getting things not in use off the floor and stored away.
  • Rubber bins are affordable and can be found almost anywhere. Rubber bins won’t rot, rust or leak, protecting the contents within.
  • Shelves and cabinets are a must. Maximizing vertical wall space using shelves and cabinets provides additional storage and, in most cases, a secondary work space. These can be built or purchased.
  • Don’t forget about pegboards. Depending on the material, they can hold virtually anything you throw at them. Great for quick access to your most used tools, hanging your gardening items such as rakes and shovels and a wide variety of other items.
  • Tool Storage saves valuable time by organizing your tool chest, boxes and carts. Add foam, and you have a topnotch tool storage system.

Heating and Cooling


This is dependent on the climate surrounding your prefab workshop and your comfort zone. Regardless, the first step should be to insulate your workshop. Once properly insulated, you can then decide which type of heating/cooling system best fits your needs.

  • Window AC units or “Window Shakers” are an excellent choice for cooling and are easy to install with relatively minimal maintenance.
  • Through-the-wall or mini split units are more energy efficient, however, a more permanent solution.
  • Portable or PortACool units are great if space is not an issue.

For heating:

  • Natural Gas heaters are great for getting a workshop warmed up quickly. Keep in mind that this type of heater requires ventilation and a constant supply of natural gas.
  • Radiant heating systems are great but can be complex and expensive.
  • Wood-Burning Stoves is a tried and true heating system. Like natural gas stoves, this also requires proper ventilation and a constant fuel source.
  • Portable space heaters are quick and easy. Nothing too fancy, however, they get the job done.

Lighting and wiring

As with any useful design, a good electrical plan begins with a diagram. And, unless you’re an experienced electrician, it is best for you to get some help from a professional for design and installation. determining where best to place electrical outlets, lights and switches ahead of time will alleviate unnecessary headaches. Once the layout is done it is time to choose your lighting system. This is a critical step in setting up your workshop.

  • Fluorescent overhead fixtures are a common and excellent choice for lighting. These easy to install and inexpensive fixtures put out a lot of light and can mount overhead or from a wall. The same goes for LED overhead fixtures. Though, slightly more expensive on the frontend, LED lighting pays for itself overtime.
  • Portable floodlights are ideal for when directional light is needed. This lighting system can throw a tremendous amount of light and does not take up a whole lot of space.
  • Depending on your storage design, under cabinet or shelf lighting are handy. They are great for illuminating a specific area of your workspace.


Arguably the holy grail of any garage workshop. Bottom line, get one! If space is an issue, consider a collapsible workbench or DIY yourself one.


So, to recap. Your prefab workshop should be well organized with shelving and cabinets to store and house unused tools and alike. Heating and cooling are based-on location and comfort zone. However, insulation should be the minimum in your climate control efforts. Lighting and locations of outlets is key for a solid layout that doesn’t just look good, it works good as well. Finally, get yourself a solid workbench. No need to whip out the credit card just yet. There are several affordable tables out there, or just build one yourself. And as always, before doing anything with your prefabricated garage workshop please check with your local building and permitting department.


Did we leave out any must-haves for your ultimate garage workshop? Let us know in the comments below.

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