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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About a Steel Riding Arena.


Steel Riding Arena

There is an ever-growing demand for an effective solution to the problem of housing and construction. Erecting a conventional building takes several months and requires brigades of construction workers, whilst time and money may run out. Pre-fabricated steel buildings offer a perfect solution to this problem which meets the customer’s needs. Prefab steel buildings are the most effective and simple type of construction material that will meet the strictest of demands.


Anatomy of a Steel Building


There are several other factors to consider which include:

  • reduced cost
  • reduced labor cost, and
  • durability.

Therefore, most builders opt for these type of construction methods to achieve better results. Another thing to consider, prefab buildings are made from recycled materials and can be recycled well after the building’s life. Steel buildings support many uses including:

or anything you can imagine.

Let us focus on the steel riding arena and see the various benefits they offer.

For horse keeping, professional horse-owners’ attention goes far beyond the basic requirements. In their view a riding arena is not a place to keep their animals- it is a loving area and owners do their best to provide their horse with the most extra care possible. And these steel arenas offer the durable, time-resistant material, while the flexible elements provide an endless variation in layout, size, and design.

For horse owners, it is essential to have as much riding space in an indoor riding/outdoor arena, since horses need large amounts of space.  Prefabricated steel structures provide unrivaled strength and durability. So much so that a steel riding arena can have up to 200 feet of clear span space for comfortable riding year-round. This removes obstacles and limitations to the layout design caused by interior columns and allows for placement of stalls, offices and any needed facilities.

There are several advantages of buildings made of steel.

First, steel is one of the most common materials produced in the world since the 1850s. (Schiffman, 2018) The elements allow you to build the riding arena of your dreams, and the limit is only your imagination. Whether you consider a roof-only structure or an indoor riding arena, steel is the perfect material to build with.

Riding arenas, indoor or roof-only, are suitable from extreme weather, as they protect horses from the summer heat, cold wind and snow. This offers great protection not only to your horses but for anybody within the riding arena.  If you want to protect your horses from the heat, cover metal riding arenas are just the thing. However, enclosed arenas will give all-weather protection for year-round riding.  By choosing to build a steel riding arena, you rest assure your facility will protect against adverse weather such as high winds and heavy rain or snow.

Steel riding arenas can support insulation packages for comfortable riding year-round.  Insulation also provides resistance to condensation and moisture for a healthy environment.

Steel riding arenas are easy to keep clean, allowing for a healthy and hygienic climate for rider and horse. Metal buildings are time and weather resistant which can lower insurance premiums and are more cost-effective for the long run.

Watch this video on “The True Cost of a Metal Building Kit”

steel riding arenaSteel riding arenas, with or without walls, provide great ventilation in hot climates while keeping the elements out. A fire in a wooden frame structure can be difficult if not impossible to extinguish: but, metal is fire resistant and therefore offers great protection against fires.

By far, metal is the safer choice for construction materials. Taking all things into account, it is not an exaggeration to claim; metal is the best solution as far as cost, safety, time and quality. Steel riding arenas are reliable, profitable, long-lasting, cost-effective and environment-friendly. Pre-fabricated steel structures have proven their success during the past century as it became one of the best state-of-the-art technologies for the equestrian sector.

If you want to build a new riding arena or just expand an existing one; you will be better off building a solid structure out of metal. Build a steel riding arena, and it will last a lifetime.


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