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100 X 100 metal buildings: Most Popular Metal Building by Industry


Popular Steel or Metal Buildings by Industry: 100 X 100


A 100 X 100 metal building is a customizable solution for larger lots. If a large enough lot is available, this structure is ideal for creating 10,000 square feet of mostly uninterrupted space, perfect for virtually any retail, industrial, or agricultural work.


These prefabricated metal structures are designed with column-free interiors, a standard feature for any 100 X 100 metal building. Consider the interior a clean slate for every use. The clear span structure of these buildings are engineered for strength, despite the column-free design. A 100 X 100 metal building can be customized to withstand heavy snowfall, hurricane-force winds, or both in tumultuous climates.


Most Popular Metal Buildings by Industry: 100 X 100 Metal Buildings

Metal structures are also a highly environmentally sustainable option. They are recyclable and can be customized to feature solar panels and wind turbines, powering a variety of operations inside.


  • Commercial: Prefabricated-engineered steel structures have become the preferred option for over 20 years and are catching up to traditional construction methods in the commercial building segment. The advantages of a custom-designed steel structure, which serve as the shell of the building, offer faster fabrication, erection, and monetization of the property. On the design and space front, there are benefits. A steel building offers end-to-end columns which allow for the maximum amount of space without compromising structural integrity. Also, while they use concrete for the foundation, prefab steel buildings are made from 100% American made steel. Because of a steel building’s durability and strength, architects and designers have a plethora of choices for materials.


  • Churches: The wide-open interior space of a clear span metal building accommodates large congregations. While metal buildings may not be the exterior, you had in mind for a traditional church; these structures are customizable with a variety of exterior finishes. Brickwork, masonry, stucco, stained glass, and wood siding suit a more traditional feel with the cost-effective, open interior of a metal building.


  • Riding Arenas: While the typical size of a riding arena is 60 X 200, you’ll find that sizes vary depending on the specific need. You’ll hear it’s best to make the arena as large as you can, so a 100 X 100 metal structure could be ideal for those looking to make the most of a squared-off lot.


  • Agricultural Equipment Repair: While the clear span design is an obvious choice for working with large equipment, a 100 X 100 structure offers a unique opportunity for customization of large doors on all sides, allowing large agricultural equipment to be easily moved in and out of the structure from every angle.


  • Steel Hangar Buildings: A pre-engineered steel hangar building is customized for aircraft, making it the perfect solution for storing and working on a variety of large machinery. These structures are not only designed to accommodate large aircraft doors, but can also be customized to feature maintenance rooms, workshops, waiting rooms, office spaces, conference rooms, and more. Since these structures are specifically designed for aircraft, they are noncombustible and cannot add fuel to an existing fire. This ultra-strong design can withstand high winds, heavy snowfall, and even earthquakes. However, 100 X 100 buildings are not a popular size for many hangars and maybe a less cost-effective option.


  • Barns and ranches: Metal buildings are ideal for securing livestock at any size, but a 100 X 100 metal structure provides a unique opportunity to customize a solution that fits a variety of needs at once. When considering a large investment like this for your farm or ranch, it’s important to consider the economic reliability of steel.

If you have the real estate allow this structure, a 100 X 100 metal building could be a cost-effective option. The square foot building costs for a steel structure can range anywhere from $5 to $10 per square foot, with prices dropping dramatically as you increase the overall size of the building. Not considering any customizations, 100 X 100 metal buildings are an excellent option for large, uninterrupted space at competitive costs.


For example, the average price of a 100 X 100 building can sit around $6.10 per square foot, while the next standard size down, 80 X 100, costs $6.65 per square foot. Note that the cost of the structures varies depending on the design. Prefabricated steel building systems are the fastest growing segment for low-rise construction. The rise in popularity of steel building for low-rise development is clear across US and Canada. Car dealerships, retail stores, factories, schools and more are taking an interest in the economic and flexible features. The design opportunities for metal buildings are unlimited.


Keep in mind that standard size buildings like these are more cost-effective than variable sizes that need full customization rather than prefabrication. Besides, there are other costs to consider when looking at the overall price of any size building, including windows, doors, foundation, insulation, and construction.

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