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100x100x18 Hangar in | Sparta, KY


100x100x18 Hangar in | Sparta, KY

Airplane Hangar Building

  • Client: Eric F.

  • Industry: Aviation

  • Size: 100x100x18

  • Location: Sparta, KY

  • Building System: I Beam

Our client, Eric, is located in Sparta, Kentucky, and owns a private airplane. The client wanted to house it on his personal property to ensure its safety. For this purpose, he needed a prefabricated airplane hangar building in an area of almost 10000 sq. ft. The client had some unique requirements related to the building’s design to ensure it stays safe from harsh weather conditions and direct sunlight. Moreover, they also required proper space to repair, modify or assemble their aircraft’s parts if needed. Since they wanted customized dimensions to hold their airplane and a durable hangar with minimal maintenance, utilizing prefabricated solutions turned out to be a perfect option for the client.


Requirement Specs –

  • Spacious

Enough lofty eave height with open floor space to easily move the airplane inside the hangar.

  • Customizable Design

To cater to the client’s current as well as future needs.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting

A durable prefabricated building that can withstand severe environmental and weather pressures, such as heavy rainfall, snowstorms, intense sunlight, fire, etc.

  • Low Maintenance

Easily maintainable and resistive to mold and rust.


A Strategic Approach And A Solid Urge To Learn Something New Made This Project A Success!

This project was both an opportunity and a challenge for us. Opportunity to learn something new, something that we haven’t done before. On the other hand, the client’s unique design requirements and specifications imposed a significant challenge. However, our urge to learn a skill and face new challenges boosted our confidence, and we started focusing on the client’s requirements. Our primary aim was to construct a robust residential airplane hangar building that could withstand harsh weather conditions and have sufficient space at the same time.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the area and space for storage and maintenance. Due to this, it becomes crucial to choose a suitable metal building model for this purpose. Since our client wanted the hangar in an area of almost 10000 sq. ft., we picked up “The Guarding 100×100 ft ” metal building model to efficiently serve the client’s area requirements. Our strategy and research team keenly observed the other needs and designed a detailed blueprint according to which our skilled engineers built the entire structure. With this project, we now have a prefab residential airplane hangar as part of our portfolio and can help other clients that deal in the aviation industry.


Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us to Fulfill the Client’s Requirements

1. Providing Enough Space for Storage and Maintenance Purpose

Since the client wanted this prefabricated hangar to house their airplane, we figured out the best metal building model suitable for their needs. Our team ensured that this structure was able to accommodate their aircraft and have ample space for making small workshops and maintenance corners to make quick repairs. 

2. Customized Design with Full-Proof Safety

Our team especially took care of the client’s future needs along with their current requirements. Therefore, we ensured that the client gets a personalized design that caters to their expectations and needs. Moreover, we understood that the aircraft’s safety was the utmost priority for the client. For that reason, a prefabricated metal building is the best solution as it is non-combustible and does not catch fire. In addition to that, it can easily resist harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, intense sunlight, snowstorm, etc.

3. Making the Metal Airplane Hangar More Durable and Long Lasting

One of the best things about Metal buildings, unlike traditional wood structures, is that they are tough and more long-lasting than the latter. It can easily withstand heavy knocks and is scratch resistant to a large extent. Moreover, the best part is that a prefabricated metal aircraft hangar requires a little maintenance that ensures an outstanding level of durability. Our construction team also used the best material that will not warp or easily deface.



The entire project was finished within the given time frame with our team’s combined effort and superb managerial skills. Our utmost priority was to provide our clients with the best results cost-effectively. The task of constructing a residential airplane hangar was undoubtedly challenging. Still, with a well-balanced combination of value-engineering processes and high proficiency, both the client and our team members walked proudly after completing the project.

Apart from all this, this project also gaves us an opportunity to sharpen our interaction skills. Our project manager knew that the erection process was performed by the client, not a general contractor. Therefore, the project lead ensured to talk through all the crucial details related to the overall strategic construction plan to the client and offered their guidance and insights from the beginning to the end. In a nutshell, it was a great experience, and we hope we can leverage these capabilities to help future customers related to the aviation industry.

If you are also planning to have a prefabricated metal building to fulfill your business needs, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our project managers and see how we can assist you with your business requirements.

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