34x40x15 Garage Workshop in Jupiter FL


Client: David G

Industry: Garage Workshop

Size: 34x40x15

Location: Jupiter, FL

Building System: Cold-Formed Buildings 

Our client was an “outdoor-type” located in Jupiter, Florida. He was looking for residential garage workshop ideas that could help him raise his property value. The client had a plethora of equipment for which he wanted a shelter. Apart from all this, he desired to have a separate man-cave area to put his items and comfortably spend time working on his favorite hobbies and interests. 

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Requirement Specs –

  • Fastest Delivery of The Modern Garage Workshop

The client wanted the delivery of the residential workshop as soon as possible.

  • Cost-Saving Solutions

Our team used Cold-Form technology to build this garage workshop which helped the customer save a considerable amount of money.

  • Reliable Home Garage Shop Ideas That Can Safeguard Client’s Valuables

The client wanted a quick and dependable home workshop garage solution to protect his equipment and other valuable items.


The Utilization of Cold-Form Technology Helped Us Deliver the Project Quickly!

Our client was like a multipotentialite who had different interests and curiosity in doing innovative things. That’s why he wanted a separate space in his residential property to house his equipment and comfortably work on the things he likes. The client also wanted us to deliver this metal garage residential space as early as possible. For this reason, we used cold-form technology, which is a relatively faster and time-saving approach for such types of projects.

However, there was a significant challenge that came in between the process. The contractor hired by the client had expertise in traditional I-Beam technology. They had a minimal idea about cold-form methodology. Due to this, our project managers had to leverage the resources at their disposal. Moreover, they had to rely on the manufacturer’s installation manuals to keep up with the construction process of the residential garage workshop.


Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us To Fulfill the Client’s Requirements

1. Cuts Off Additional Expenses Using Cold-Form Technology

Our design and engineering team closely analyzed the client’s requirements to pick up the suitable technology and building model for this metal workshop garage residential structure. After proper research, the project manager suggested using cold-form technology to deliver this project as it is relatively faster and does not compromise with the design. Moreover, our team used the 30×40 “The Governor” metal building model suitable for such residential steel garage buildings.

2. Creates A Durable Residential Garage Workshop To Safeguard The Valuables

The client wanted a spacious structure to house his garage equipment, spare parts, and some other crucial items. Therefore, our team designed a specific residential garage workshop layout and ensured that we built a solid structure that could resist intense weather conditions and prevent intruders from breaking in. Although cold-form buildings are slightly less robust than traditional steel buildings, they are strong enough to withstand significant blows.

3. Analyzes The Wind Exposure Codes For Verifying the Accuracy of the Loads

During the commencement of the project, the Palm Beach County wind exposure codes were not revealed. However, since they were crucial from the project’s point of view, our project manager took the lead and contacted the county to verify the accuracy of the loads, ensuring to co-op the process with the client. The project management team also cross-checked the compatibility of the residential garage workshop plans with the existing conditions.



This metal garage residential project had been a fun local assignment for the entire team that helped them learn about the nature and scope of cold-form technology and the building constructed using it. All the individuals involved in this project understood the proper usage of alternative methodologies when different requirements and specifications turned up. The installation manuals provided by the manufacturer helped us significantly in bridging the knowledge gap between both the parties and delivering the project on time.

The success of this project could be easily understood by the happiness and satisfaction level of the client who finally got his “man cave,” which was enough to make his neighbors jealous. On top of that, this equipment carrying cum home car garage workshop also increased the valuation of his existing property.

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