Pre-fabricated steel building

Zoo and Rescue

The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is a nonprofit which has a fantastic range of feathered, slimy, cute, and ferocious animals. Their mission is to give a forever home and sanctuary for exotic animals that need a place to go. Through community engagement, they promote conservation, love, and respect. They achieve this by opening their doors and sharing the animals with the public to educate and provide an enjoyable and unique experience.

Client:  James Cox

Industry: Zoo and Rescue

Size: 40x140x16

Location: Clinton, TN

On December 4, 2017, Little Ponderosa suffered a devastating fire. They lost many animal friends, the entire main facility and much more.

Nearly eight months later, Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is celebrating small victories as they bounce back from tragedy. They unveiled their new facility during the grand reopening and fall festival.

“We’re so excited about what’s happening here,” said Owner James Cox.

Their new 5,600 square foot pre-fabricated facility is furnished with new additions, features, and amenities to sustain caring for exotic animals and education.