Client: Pastor Glenn Hamel 

Industry: Residential

Size: 40x84x14

Location: Crawfordville, FL

Building System: Cold-Formed Buildings 

“I would recommend Coastal Steel Buildings to anyone considering erecting a metal shop, home, barn, or commercial property. Their team has proven to be professional, attentive, and helpful. Throughout the process, sales and engineering worked with me and answered questions, clarified installation, and even shipped to us expedited materials that we needed at no extra cost. We went with a cold-rolled steel building, and it has not failed to stand up to our expectations. Once everything is installed, the structure is very sound, and we have had no issues with our building department. I dealt with Jake, and Johnathan and each one of them came through with the necessary response right away. If you’re ready to build, you can’t go wrong with a Costal Steel Building.”

~ Pastor Glenn Hamel

Our client is a resident of Crawfordville, Florida. He was looking to expand his residential property and specifically wanted the expansion to wrap around the pool. Stretching the surface area wasn’t much of a problem. However, the issue was our traditional approach could not possibly be the best option for this project as the client wanted a custom roof pitch and slope off his prevailing arrangement. Moreover, the client also asked us to use the construction material that would suit the existing floor plan of his property. 

The primary challenge for our team was to come out of our comfort zone and use a brand new technology to build this cold-formed steel house. However, we were also excited to work on this new methodology and put one more feather in our cap.

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Requirement Specs –

  • Quality Cold Form Steel House Design With Additional Toughness

The client needed a custom roof pitch that is easily installable but does not compromise on quality. 

  • Affordable Cold Form Residential Project

It was a small-scale residential project that required sloping off the existing structure of the property. Therefore, the client’s budget was limited.

  • Top-Quality Construction Material For Modifying The Roof Pitch

The client also wanted the construction material for cold form steel framing to be of top-quality and fit their house’s existing floor plan.


Exceptional Management And Strong Relationship Cleared Off All the Obstacles In The Way!

Our entire team knew that this project would be an excellent opportunity to learn something new. However, we hadn’t worked on the cold form technology before, which made us a little nervous. It was the first time our team used this technology to develop cold formed steel homes. However, like any other person’s first attempt, we also faced several issues. Our team faced two significant challenges:

1. Firstly, since we worked on the cold-form technology for the first time, our team had trouble with the learning curve.

2. Secondly, they entered incorrect data regarding the bolt sizes and amount required for the project.

Due to this, when the resources arrived at the site, the construction could not proceed because of the inaccuracies. However, our project management team benefited from their healthy relationship with the manufacturer and got the inaccurate material replaced with the right one. Then, with the combined effort of our residential cold-formed steel framing construction team, we successfully delivered the entire project on time with the client’s approval.


Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us to Fulfill the Client’s Requirements

1. Used Solid Intra- And Inter-Organizational Skills Needed To Complete This Cold Form Residential Project

Coastal Steel Structures are well-known for their strong relationship with contractors and manufacturers, and this project proved it very well. Our project manager timely analyzed that the supplier had delivered the inappropriate material at the site due to inaccurate entries made by our team. However, their strong relationship with the manufacturers quickly found an efficient solution to replace the essential resources.

2. Utilized The Suitable Building Technology To Develop The Required Structure Based On The Planned Cold Form Steel House Design

As already mentioned, we used the cold form technology instead of the conventional I-Beam technique for this cold form steel framing process, and the results were remarkable. In fact, the client was happy with the outcome and admired the structural strength of the building. Apart from power, another best thing about this technology is that it offers the benefit of G-90 Galvanizing, which protects the building from rusting, which is pretty common in coastal areas.

3. Cost Savings Delivery Time with Cold Form Steel Framing

When it comes to delivery time, cold form solutions have a 4-6 week delivery advantage over the traditional I-Beam technology. By using this technique, we not only provided the project earlier but saved additional expenses for the client as well.



For all the parties involved, this project was a worthwhile learning experience. It was the first time we were putting our foot in cold form technology, and consequently, it went pretty well. It was an exciting time for our client as a house owner who was expanding his property area. They were happy with our services and admired our sales and engineering teams for constantly guiding them throughout this cold form residential project.

Although we faced several challenges throughout the process, we overcame all of them with our team’s combined effort and determination. We delivered the project in the given timeframe with all the requirements adequately fulfilled. With this, we paved our way to tackle similar tasks that need the usage of this technology.

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