Indoor Grow House

Indoor Grow House

Client:  Jack

Industry: Agricultural

Size: 80x150x16

Location: Boring, OR

This Indoor Grow House contains several Full-size Grow Rooms to accommodate the individual needs of different plant cycles. The 12,000 Sq. ft. Indoor Grow House also has superior ventilation, which supplies fresh air, regulates ambient temperature, and humidity, a full commercial grade roof, and wall insulation package, lighting, and an irrigation system.

Our client, Jack, is an agricultural entrepreneur located in Boring, Oregon, specializing in medical marijuana cultivation. To ensure the proper growth of their plants, they wanted to create a warm and humid environment suitable for Marijuana development. They needed a prefabricated grow room with an area of almost 12,000 sq. ft. and multiple full-size grow rooms to serve the specific needs of different plant cycles. Moreover, they also required proper space for the plants and machines & tools needed to grow Marijuana. In addition, to control and regulate the temperature for optimal plant growth, they wanted the indoor grow house to be well-ventilated. 

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Project Specifics

Wide Open Work Space

Enough working space for cultivation, irrigation, and proper lighting to the plants

Superior Ventilation

Proper ventilation was required to regulate the temperature and control the humidity for the better growth of Marijuana.

Durability and Robustness

Durable prefab indoor grow room to withstand severe weather conditions and natural calamities, such as rainfall, snowstorms, earthquakes, etc.

Affordable Low Maintenance

Easily maintainable and repairable from rust, insects, etc.


The Combined effort, Flexibility, and Dedication of Our Team Helped us Build a Long-Lasting and Ventilated Metal Indoor Grow House.

Before taking our client’s project, we first focused on why other companies refused to work with them. We learned that accommodating the personal schedule was not the only issue. The real challenge was to design metal indoor grow houses retaining walls and build a structure that can withstand the severe weather conditions and have ample space at the same time.

Although we knew it would be a tough call, we willingly accepted the project and ensured our client got the best results. Our strategy and research team keenly analyzed the requirements and prepared a detailed blueprint along with the engineers to begin the work. Our prime focus was to fulfill the client’s expectations, and with a combined team effort and well-analyzed indoor plant setup ideas, we succeeded in accomplishing our goal. With this project, we now have another prefab indoor grow room as part of our portfolio and can help other clients that deal in Marijuana medical cultivation industry.

Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us to Fulfill the Client’s Requirements

Providing Easy Ventilation and Proper Lighting While Preparing the Indoor Grow House Setup

Grow rooms offer many benefits compared to outdoor alternatives. Setting up an indoor grow house helps control the environmental conditions required by Marijuana. We made sure to construct the grow house to be well-ventilated and have proper lighting needed for better growth of the plants. Proper ventilation helped in maintaining the gas exchange for Marijuana’s optimal development. 

Versatile Indoor Grow House Construction Design

The best thing about a prefabricated grow room is that the walls do not need to bear any structure load. As a result, we designed as many full-size grow rooms as required by the client to serve as equipment storage, office space, and cultivation area. Also, knowing that Marijuana needs a lot of space to grow, we built a self-supporting structure that left the entire space available for Marijuana cultivation and equipment storage.

Making The Metal Indoor Grow House Setup More Durable

Unlike traditional wood structures, metal indoor grow houses have proved to be more durable against various weather conditions, such as wind and snowstorms, heavy rainfalls, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. We made sure to use suitable materials and strategies to construct a robust metal structure that can easily endure most conditions mentioned above. Moreover, in case of some damages, the modular design of the prefab indoor grow room is easy to be fixed and repaired.



We completed the entire project within the given time frame with our team’s flexible nature and ability to work out of the standard operating hours. Like other companies, we did not thrust our client’s requests and demands aside and extended our hand forward to help them with their requirements. The tasks were challenging, but that could not stop us from offering the best to our client. With complete determination, dedication, and will to face all the obstacles, we successfully built a durable, affordable and well-ventilated indoor grow house for our client. In fact, we hope we can leverage these capabilities to help future customers with similar needs. 

If you are also planning to have a prefabricated metal building to fulfill your business needs, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our project managers and see how we can assist you with your building requirements.


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