community center

Community Center

The Muslim Community Center of Charlotte shall be the first full Islamic Center in the University Area. Their goal is to build a community united by faith across all ethnic backgrounds with the primary purpose of integrating with American culture and collaboration with others to promote a moral, upright sociality.

Client:  Mohammad Banawan

Industry: Community Center

Size: 90x100x12

Location: Charlott, NC

“Coastal Steel Structures and its team were very pleasant to work with.  When we were first contacted by them, we considered a standard structure.  But when connecting our architect with their engineers, we were able to design a building that was simple and very functional.  Coastal Steel Structures was firm on the timeline for production and facilitated the delivery process.  When the building was going up and issues arose in the erection process, Coastal Steel Structures worked closely with our General Contractor to work things out.  We were very happy with their product and service.”

Go in Peace,

Mohammad Banawan