Commercial Building

Industry: Family Dollar

Size: 90x102x18 & 76x50x18

Location: New Britain, CT 

Building System: I-Beam

Our client is a general contractor who won the bid for the Family Dollar Project. They needed professional commercial steel building contractors to construct a new commercial building for retail use and a corresponding warehouse in the back of the facility. When we got this offer, we were super excited to add such a large and popular American variety store chain’s large commercial metal buildings to the company’s portfolio. 

However, with excitement came the pressure of delivering such a large building with a high level of finishing within the given time frame. In the entire company’s history, Family Dollar was one of the first bid projects anyone on the team had ever worked on. This project turned out to be a great learning experience for all the people involved. The primary challenge in this project was the construction drawings. Although there were issues with the drawings, the entire team’s meticulous and diligent efforts helped us meet all the requirements of the concerned section at Family Dollar on time. No matter how hard the situation had been, our well-qualified project managers and the hard-working team ensured to deliver the project timely with the best results possible.

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Requirement Specs –

  • Capacious Commercial Warehouse Building

The warehouse required enough space to make office rooms, big shelves, inventory areas, and additional storage for large stocks. 

  • Fire Resistant Buildings

Family Dollar is one of the largest retailers of its type in the US that deals in a massive range of different products. Therefore, both the prefab steel commercial buildings need to be fire resistant to avoid damage and loss.

  • Durable And Long-Lasting Metal Structures

The concerned team strictly asked the general and contractor and the project management team to construct the buildings that can withstand intense environmental and weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, high-speed winds, snowstorms, extreme sunlight, earthquakes, etc.

  • Require Low Maintenance

Like any other building, these commercial prefabricated metal buildings are supposed to be easily maintainable and resistive to leakage, rust, mold, or mildew. 


Clear Communication and Combined Team Effort Helped Us Face All the Challenges Associated With the Project!

It won’t be wrong to say that this project brought us both a great opportunity and a fierce challenge. From the beginning, the entire team was excited to get a project from a brand like Family Dollar, as everyone involved in this project knew that it would be one of the enormous opportunities to enhance their skills. As already mentioned, of all the challenges we had in this project, the construction pictures were the most problematic. The reason behind this issue is that the crucial details and aspects of the project were not properly communicated. Subsequently, we had to re-share the commercial metal building construction drawings to the manufacturer. However, it created a setback for us as the delivery of revised drawings pushed us to a 2-3 weeks delay. It shook us a little as we aimed to deliver the project 3-4 months quicker than the competition, and we were already almost a month behind.

Apart from this, we faced another delay when it came time to complete the weather

tightness certification. When the manufacturer’s inspector went out to check for the possible leaks in the roof, he found some complications with the installation. He could not certify that both the prefab steel commercial buildings were leakproof. It further delayed our proposed timeline, and we had to face the concerned team at Family Dollar to explain the reasons for the delay.

It was the most terrible phase of the project as a large organization like Family Dollar had enough resources and capability to put us out of business. However, our professional project managers were also capable enough to re-establish their trust in us. With the diligent efforts of the commercial steel building contractors and our team, we successfully delivered the project one month before the competition’s expected delivery date.


Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us to Fulfill the Client’s Requirements

1. Providing Enough Space In Both The Metal Frame Commercial Buildings

The Family Dollar is a well-known brand, and our project managers researched their working strategy and storage capacity beforehand. Therefore, our team prepared a strategic plan based on such requirements and worked accordingly. Apart from the central commercial building, we also had to focus more on commercial warehouse building, as it would require additional space for the stocks and inventory.

2. Full-Proof Safety Ensured By Weather Tightness Certification 

After failing once in the weather tightness inspection, we stayed more careful and ensured that we got genuinely certified the second time. And this time, we did. We also focused on the other aspects and critical areas related to the safety of the large commercial metal buildings from several environmental factors, such as heavy rainfall, hailstorm, snowstorm, earthquakes, lighting, etc.

3. Making Both The Modern Commercial Metal Buildings Highly Durable

Our engineers analyzed the project’s requirements carefully to choose the proper metal structure to ensure the durability of both the commercial metal buildings. Such metal frame commercial buildings can easily withstand heavy knocks and are scratch resistant to a large extent. Our commercial warehouse builders also used the best material that does not warp or easily deface.



Working for the Family Dollar project had been an insightful experience for the entire team, be it the engineers, the project managers, or the strategic planners. In fact, this project also helped the general contractor and manufacturer to learn many new things and enhance their skills. 

The entire project was finished within the given time frame with our team’s combined effort and superb managerial skills. Our utmost priority was to provide our client with the best result. Clear and consistent communication throughout the entire project lifecycle played a crucial role in ironing out every detail critical for the project’s success. We were picked up for this project as our lead times were shorter than the competition. And even after having a delay caused due to unclear communication and assuming this task of constructing prefab steel commercial buildings as an easy task, we were able to deliver the project on time.

Apart from all this, this project also offers us an opportunity to hone our communication skills. Therefore, the project lead ensured to talk through all the crucial details related to the overall strategic construction plan to the general contractor and the concerned team at the Family Dollar. The project managers also offered their guidance and insights to our entire team of commercial steel building contractors from the beginning to the end. In a nutshell, working for Family Dollar was a great experience, and it prepared us with the proper knowledge and skill-set needed to face more challenging projects like this one!

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