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Turnkey Prefabricated Steel Buildings


Turnkey Prefabricated Steel Buildings

In the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, consumers try and simplify things. They go to stores that have everything they could be possibly needed because there is not enough time in the day. Businesses are starting to pick up on the needs of their shoppers and adding a more diverse inventory to their stores.
Construction companies are jumping on this bandwagon of having a one-stop shop as well. Steel Buildings, in particular, are offering a wide range of services that will allow the customer to feel more at ease and not as stressed when purchasing and erecting a building. Building manufacturers are first and foremost trying to up their sales within the market, especially with steel being at such high price these days. This also allows their customers the ease of only having to deal with one person throughout the whole ordeal of creating the building and figuring out what is needed. In previous years, small business owners had a guy for this or that, but today it has become more challenging to seek out the proper accessories and manual laborers to get jobs done.

Turnkey for Business, Not Just Residential

When speaking about turnkey, it is reasonable to think about the housing market, coming fully built and fully finished. This is not the case in the Prefabricated Steel Building industry. Prefab metal companies may be able to furnish a facility for you if that is what you desire, even though it is not their forte. What is happening when you purchase a turnkey prefabricated steel building is that you are buying all items required for erection through one source. (Which allows for small business to still flourish if that is a concern)
• Manufacturer/Prefabrication – THIS WILL BE YOUR POINT MAN. Being assigned a project manager to speak with regarding all options within the building, such as where openings will be, color choices, proper bracing within the building, and the ability to answer any questions.
• Concrete Engineer – When working closely with the factory and the engineers that are manufacturing the steel for the building, the ability for more communication and less interpretation can occur. This will help to ensure that the project is ready to go as soon as the steel arrives on site.
• Insulation – When purchasing insulation through the company that the prefab steel building kit will be coming from, it will be easy to coordinate deliveries so everything can deliver on the same day or be staggered. Whatever works best for you!
• Erector/General Contractor – This will assist in the erecting process moving faster and getting the building up. Having an erector that can follow the whole process while everything is going on and not just seeing it once it is delivered is hugely beneficial to the owner and the erector.
• Accessories – When looking for doors, windows, vents, and other types of fixtures, they usually are located in separate stores. When having a turnkey prefab metal building constructed for you, all that needs to be done and state what is required and everything will arrive with the building.

One Stop Shop

Each one of these services can be costly and time-consuming. Having the ability only to have to speak to one person until the actual time of erection can bring the owner of the building peace of mind. Just think that instead of setting up meetings and having to go over and interpret the meaning of particular drawings, you only have to deal with one person.
Having everything come in an attractive, neat package is much more appealing than having to run around, filling a basket of what you think you need. Turnkey projects allow for work to be done elsewhere that would typically get tossed to the side when purchasing and erecting a prefab building.

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