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Why Invest in Steel Buildings for Your Grow House?

Why Invest in Steel Buildings for Your Grow House?

A grow house provides the perfect opportunity to create a controlled agricultural environment, even in places with less than ideal climates. But with the income opportunity provided by grow houses comes high electric bills, intricate irrigation systems, and a need for advanced sustainability and protection. Grow houses require easy customization, reduced maintenance, and strong materials to keep your bottom line on target.

Why is steel the ideal building material for grow houses? Let’s weigh out the benefits:Anatomy of a Steel Building

  1. Every inch of the interior can be utilized. Steel structures uniquely offer a clear span layout, free from beams of structural walls that could potentially block out the light. Customize your space with grow rooms, clone rooms, washrooms and more, while leaving the remaining spaces wide open for maximum YPL (Yield Per Light.)
  2. Protect your crops. Steel buildings provide an added layer of safety and security for farmers and growers. Protecting the plants is the number one priority – steel buildings are resistant to rust, mildew, decay, rats, termites, and a variety of other pests. And with the sturdiest possible materials and superior seal on the roof and wall panels, the structure is fully resistant to the elements.
  3. Take care of all your needs in one place. Grow houses can be customized with large openings framed out to install overhead or sliding doors, making it possible to grow and ship from the same location. The plants will never need to leave the grow house until they are ready to be sold, keeping costs low and keeping plants in a controlled, healthy environment for as long as possible.

How to Start A Grow House with Prefab Steel

When you look into renting a building or warehouse for growing your crop, some building owners can charge up to $125 per square foot! And while this may seem like a small price to pay for such a bustling business, the best way to keep your costs low is to invest in an efficient steel structure yourself.

All types of farmers can benefit from the flexibility of prefab steel structures. Steel building kits can be built anywhere. Wherever your grow house is being erected, Coastal Steel Structures accesses the international building codes guide to ensure that the building is structurally sound for the area. Our buildings are created to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snowfall and more – no matter the elements outside, your plants remain in a safe, controlled environment.

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