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50 x 100 Metal Buildings: Most Popular Metal Building by Industry

50 x 100 Prefab Metal Buildings: Most Popular Metal Building by Industry

50 x 100 metal buildings run twice as long as its width, making it the perfect solution for facilities that require two areas of operation – one for the customer and one for employees. The front exterior and waiting area of your facility can be fully customized to wow your clientele, leaving the back of the structure wide open for any behind-the-scenes work necessary. Also, while a 40 x 80 metal building offers that same benefit, consider this: 50 x 100 metal buildings create over 56% more space, providing you with 5,000 square feet at your best possible cost per square foot.

Anatomy of a Steel Building

Who are 50 x 100 metal buildings best suited for?

Retail stores:

  • Steel may not be what you had in mind for your storefront. However, prefabricated steel structures are a cost-effective means for creating a fully customized interior and exterior. Choose from brickwork, masonry, stucco, wood siding, and more to create an inviting exterior, design a beautiful retail space for the front of your facility and enjoy wide open storage for excess inventory in the back of your building.


  • About half of healthcare buildings are 5,000 square feet or less. 50 x 100 steel buildings are a perfect jumping off point for medical professionals who would like to expand their practice in the future but need a customizable facility with rows of clinical rooms to get things started.


  • Steel is a perfect choice for houses of worship because of its cost-effective construction, low maintenance, and strength to support towering cathedrals. So with a clear span structure, the entire interior of your steel building is uninhibited by support beams and structural walls, leaving plenty of room for a large congregation. A 5,000 square foot facility could seat a congregation of up to 300 people.


  • With the back of the building ideally suited for a customizable kitchen, the front of a 50 x 100 steel restaurant is available to create a beautiful environment for guests to relax and enjoy a meal. Exterior customizations such as skylights create interior ambiance, while canopies create a perfect opportunity for outdoor seating.

How Does It Work?

Metal buildings are custom engineered to create an exact fit for your specific needs. No two buildings are exactly alike. Our job is to create a list of building specifications based on what matters most to you. It’s about more than just the essentials of your facility – are you interested in energy efficient insulation, noise-reducing wall panels, or flexible wall panel configuration for changing needs?

We input your exact specifications into our design program, generating a unique blueprint for your facility. Components and structural members are manufactured, then materials are delivered to the construction site for quick and easy installation at your lowest possible cost. Single source responsibility makes our metal buildings your most sustainable and cost-efficient solution for your growing business. Fast delivery, simple assembly, and unbeatable warranties – to learn more about the benefits of cost-effective steel for your industry, visit us here at

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