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Why Steel is the Number One Choice for Animal Shelters

Why Steel is one Number One Choice for Animal Shelters

If the four-legged are welcome in your facility, then you’ve come to the right place. Steel buildings are your best choice for animal shelters that are sustainable, low maintenance, and long lasting. At Coastal Steel Structures, we see that dog breeders, trainers, boarders, groomers, vet clinics, and every animal professional in between choosing prefabricated steel time after time. Here’s why.

When you think of prefabricated buildings, customization may not come into mind. Our metal buildings are custom engineered to create an exact fit for your specific needs. No two buildings are exactly alike, making steel the perfect material for the ever-changing needs of an animal shelter. Prefabricated steel structures are an open concept, leaving no structural beams to break up the center of your building. See how The Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue is using their animal shelters.

Anatomy of a Steel Building

Customizable design options make it easy to create partitions for multiple individual rooms within your building, perfect for:

– clinical rooms
– boarding pens
– open play areas
– offices
– waiting rooms
– grooming stations

When talking about prefab steel buildings, it’s important to recognize the cost savings you can only find in metal structures. Strong, sturdy materials create a tight seal that won’t shift or loosen over time. You can look forward to being decreased long-term maintenance and increased efficiency for a positive impact on your bottom line.

However, when steel structures are used to house and treat animals, they offer an entirely new level of sustainability that affects the lives of every creature to walk through the doors. Unlike wood and other organic materials, steel is resistant to the elements. Our buildings are designed to withstand everything from hurricane-force winds to earthquakes, keeping your animals safe in all types of weather. Also, once more, steel does not require regular treatments for pests like termites, wood ants, mice, rats, and mold. Reduce the risk of spreading disease and knock potent chemicals off of the list of maintenance requirements for your animal shelter.

How It Works

At Coastal Steel Structures, our job is to create a list of building specifications based on what matters most to you. It’s about more than just putting a roof over your animals’ heads – we also offer a variety of options for energy efficient insulation, noise-reducing wall panels, and flexible panels to accommodate changing needs.

We input your exact specifications into our unique design program, generating a blueprint for your animal shelter. Components and structural members are manufactured, then the exact materials you need, nothing more, nothing less, are delivered to your construction site for quick and easy installation at your lowest possible cost.

About Us

We are Coastal Steel Structures, your trusted brand for prefabricated steel buildings. By creating rigorous standards for durability and quality for a variety of industries, we have ensured that our buildings are consistently the best available. For nearly 15 years, we’ve served your needs in virtually every industry, from agricultural to equestrian, recreational to residential. Fast delivery, simple assembly, and unbeatable warranties – to learn more about the benefits of cost-effective steel for your industry, visit us here at

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