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80 x 150 Metal Buildings: Most Popular Metal Building by Industry


Maximizing Narrow Lots: Popular Industries Using 80 x 150 Metal Buildings

Whether you’re looking to maximize space on a narrow lot or construct a single building with multiple isolated spaces inside, 80 x 150 metal buildings are a great option! At Coastal Steel Structures, we have experience creating metal building kits for virtually every industry.

Prefabricated metal or steel buildings are incredibly versatile with an open floor plan and column-free interiors. Low-rise construction steel buildings can easily be personalized with walls, doors, fixtures, and finishes for everything from manufacturing facilities to commercial buildings and even houses.

12,000 Square Feet of Opportunity for 4 Different Industries

80 x 150 steel buildings are long and narrow with limitless possibilities. 12,000 square feet of open space can be sectioned and separated to meet your specific needs. Explore the benefits and most common uses for this unique clear span structure size across four different industries:

  1. Agricultural Storage

Prefabricated steel buildings are built on a concrete foundation with 100% American-made steel, which is considerably stronger and more durable than traditional building materials. All Coastal Steel Structures metal building kits are built to withstand harsh weather with virtually no risk of water leaks. They’re also resistant against fire, mold, rot, and contaminating insects, which make it the perfect choice for storing hay, grain, seed, and other crops.

An 80 x 150 metal building delivers 12,000 square feet of storage space in a long, narrow design. High-pitched roofs are available to accommodate maximum hay bale stacks and large doors can be installed on all sides to load in large machinery. The length of this narrow building is ideal for storing multiple crops and machinery without building independent structures. Walls can be installed to isolate storage bays and greatly reduce the risk of fire to protect valuable crops.

  1. Manufacturing Facility

Did you know that steel buildings last four times longer than wood frames? Traditional wood structures rot after 10 years and have to be replaced whereas steel is more affordable and longer lasting with less maintenance. The fire-resistant, non-flammable structures are ideal for a wide range of manufacturing uses. Depending on climate needs, prefabricated metal or steel buildings can also be outfitted to withstand high-level earthquakes, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow.

80 x 150 metal buildings have a long, narrow footprint with a column-free floor plan. Walls and doors can easily be built to separate different manufacturing processes, departments, offices, and storage spaces. Plus, low-rise construction is very adaptable. Manufacturing plants can easily add new wings or connect onto existing buildings at lower costs than traditional building methods, which makes growth an affordable, exciting possibility!

  1. Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Steel buildings have been a long-time favorite for industrial workshops and commercial spaces. The narrow 80 x 150 footprint is ideal for businesses that require lots of open floor space for display and storage, including garden shops and furniture or appliance distributors. By separating out individual spaces with interior walls, this building size can also be used for strip malls and office buildings.

Coastal Steel Structures are a smart commercial investment because they’re faster to build, longer lasting, and can easily be outfitted with solar panels or wind turbines for eco-friendly, sustainable power. The 12,000 sq. ft. building is also more economical than building smaller separate structures. The price per square foot is considerably lower when designing one large building.

  1. Residential Construction

‘Barndomiums’ are quickly growing in popularity as an affordable, low maintenance building option for homes! Read the blog post, “Have you heard of the barndominium trend?” for more information, Steel buildings have evolved significantly over the past decade and new finishes are available to create stylish exteriors and homey spaces. 80 x 150 metal buildings are designed without any center poles, so homeowners have total flexibility to design a floor plan that they love.

This long, narrow building shape covers 12,000 square feet of space, which is most commonly separated into a workshop, garage, and living quarters. The huge structure can easily accommodate large families with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and plenty of room left over for a spacious work area. Skylights can be installed for natural lighting and everything is pre-engineered to match residential building codes.

In addition to a single-family barndominium with a workspace, the 80 x 150 metal building structure is also ideal for multi-family designs, including duplexes, apartments, and group living. Extended roof lean-tos and porches can also be installed to create comfortable outdoor spaces.

No two Coastal Steel Structures buildings are exactly alike. Get in touch with our team for more information and we’ll generate a custom blueprint for your facility to meet your unique needs. No matter what industry you’re building for, we can design the perfect, cost-effective solution.

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