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The Next Big Thing in Auto Dealership Construction.

It’s no secret that the world of auto dealership construction is changing rapidly with the arrival of new technology today. More and more people are beginning their car purchase online before visiting a dealership, aggregating as much information as possible, so they arrive at the deal feeling prepared and ready for negotiations. As a result, less foot traffic is making its way through these dealerships, which is signaling a need for dealerships to modernize and change up the way things are running for future success.

Anatomy of a Steel Building


One of the first things that greets a prospective client is the actual dealership building – the only thing viewable from the road or sidewalk. When was the last time you updated your dealership? Has the nature of your business changed since then? Alternatively, are you thinking about opening your first one?

Prefabricated metal and steel buildings are a convenient and accessible option for this line of work, which is why we’re going to look more in-depth at auto dealership construction for 2019. If you’re looking for a weather resistant, pest resistant, energy efficient, and affordable building option, it’s time to wade into the world of metal buildings.

Auto Dealership Construction

Your Auto Dealership
You expect the same kind of dedication and commitment to the building of your automotive dealership as you deliver to your clients on a daily basis. That means you want beauty, performance, and effortless style that communicates a kind of sophistication without having to utter a word. With a metal building kit, you can already agree upon the specs, measurements, different style aspects, colors and so forth, before the building erects in just days. You can have your hand in the personalization of presentation from start to finish.

That’s why manufactured steel buildings are the perfect solution to your auto dealership construction need – with total convenience guaranteed from start to finish.

In every auto dealership, there are three main rooms:

  • The Showroom: With a prefab metal building kit, showrooms can be larger and more spacious than ever before, which instills a “wow” factor as soon as the buyer walks into the room. First impressions are lasting impressions, and nothing is more professional or eye-catching than shiny, sturdy steel right as you walk into the showroom. Additionally, prefab building designs can maximize the usage of space so that more cars and models can be positioned for showcasing.
  • The Service Center: This is what keeps the customer coming back for more – it’s where you showcase your dedication to service, repairs, and sustained support even after a car is purchased. So although the showroom might initially draw them in, the presentation and cleanliness of the service center are what will keep them coming back for more.
  • The Lot: Lastly, the lot is simply the “eye-candy” that brings buyers in off the streets and out of their cars. Simply aesthetic-based in nature, your lot still needs to look nice and professional if you want a steady clientele. Steel designs and layouts will catch the attention of those moving by, due to the high-quality shine and nature of the durable metal.

You can’t possibly have all three rooms shut down at once, right? That would entirely stall business. Well, with manufactured steel buildings, you can pursue phased construction and take out each room one day at a time. Since the timeline is so small, you can do it all in a week or less, which means that business will barely take a hit.

Our Coastal Steel Structures Guarantee

Here at Coastal Steel Structures, we provide the following services within our auto dealership expertise:

  • Design Team: Our design team will work with you and your architect and draw up plans that you like before you agree upon the actual construction. If necessary, we can disperse someone from our team to visit your property in person to ensure a sophisticated, award-winning design is well communicated before fabrication.
  • Prefab Estimates: We’re not going to hit you with a construction cost out of the blue. We provide pre-construction estimates and a scheduling time table, so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Once we agree on this scheduling, our team gets right to work erecting a metal building masterpiece.
  • Subcontractor Involvement: If needed, we enlist the help of local subcontractors per the building requirements to ensure a timely and professional construction process.
  • Quick Delivery: Probably the best benefit of opting for a manufactured steel building is that the building can go up in just a few days or weeeks. You don’t have to shut down business for months on end while we move around the construction site, changing just a few things each day. Instead, your entire dealership goes up in a fraction of the time so you can get right to work.
  • Future Support: Our team is your team, throughout the construction process and beyond. We are open to future repairs, improvements, and communication with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final delivery and completion of the dealership. It is your business after all!
  • Varieties: With our team, you can choose between a variety of designs and layouts, arriving at a bespoke solution that is made just for you and your prefabricated dealership. We understand that every automotive center is in need of different requirements, which is why we work with prefabricated solutions.

On Time and Within Budget

To you, the two most essential elements of dealership construction are probably: time and budget. Well, those are the two defining features of manufactured steel buildings, which is why we have had great success with automotive dealership construction thus far. Consider this convenient, affordable, and timely solution for your business today.

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