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Why Metal Aircraft Hangars Are Worth the Investment

Aircraft are a significant investment for owners who understand the importance of proper care and maintenance. Choosing secure facilities that offer exceptional protection all year round is crucial to secure long-term preservation. Unsurprisingly, many aircraft owners prefer prefabricated steel airplane hangars as an ideal solution for safeguarding valuable aircraft.

What sets these hangars apart from other potential options is their remarkable durability in withstanding diverse environmental conditions – they are built to last! Moreover, customizing these structures according to specific needs makes them extremely attractive. Best of all, steel airplane hangar products offer an unbeatable balance between cost-effectiveness and quality, making them highly attractive for aircraft owners interested in protecting their investments over time. Let’s delve deeper into why metal aircraft hangars are with the investment!

Reasons Why Metal Aircraft Hangars Are Worth Your Money

Constructing a structure accommodating various aircraft types demands meticulous planning and precise engineering. Designing the interior space to align with each customer’s requirements while ensuring durability and exterior protection is essential. Steel structures present exceptional options for fulfilling these objectives and several other notable advantages.


One of the most impressive aspects of building with steel is the longevity and durability these structures offer. Customers can expect their aircraft investments to be effectively protected for decades, with minimal care and maintenance required for the steel building(s).

Steel is fairly corrosion-resistant. When protectively coated or painted, it’s even more resistant to the elements. Steel buildings also offer impressive resistance to fire, as well as wind, snow, and freezing conditions. Even earthquake damage can be mitigated through the strength and resilience of steel buildings.

Steel buildings are also highly resistant to mold or fungal growth for customers in more humid or wet regions. Termites, rodents, and other potentially destructive pests are also no match for metal buildings.


Because steel is a strong building material, many steel structures are constructed using clear-span engineering, allowing for an open floor plan without support. A large floor space without supporting columns is ideal for housing aircraft of all shapes and sizes.

Steel buildings can also be built very large, with customization allowing for various customer-specific window and door configurations. The door sizes and roof clearance required for moving airplanes, jets, and helicopters in and out of a hangar is essential but can pose a challenge to more traditional construction methods. Steel structures have no problem meeting the needs of all types of aircraft.


Choosing steel for aircraft hangars is also a cost-conscious decision. Although the initial pricing of steel buildings may be the same or slightly more than other building material choices, the longevity and durability of steel more than make up any cost difference. Steel structures require minimal preventative maintenance to ensure they last. This also equates to less money spent on repairs and replacements or building something brand new.

Choosing pre-fabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings also saves on material costs since each structure has already been designed, manufactured, and possibly assembled, with little to no wasted or unused materials.

The building kits and instructions are also clearly labeled and organized. Much of the structure goes together like a puzzle or model airplane. Once assembled, the end result leaves some packaging to be disposed of, but almost no extra materials remain.

Additionally, the designs for steel structures are created to facilitate efficient construction with shorter timeframes than traditional construction methods. With fewer construction hours, crews can complete many projects as quickly as a week. This helps to reduce labor costs for customers further while allowing crews to complete more significant numbers of projects each month.

How are Metal Aircraft Hangars Environmentally Sustainable?

Building with steel has several benefits for the client and the building crew. Did you know that they can also prove beneficial for the environment, too?

Recyclability of Metal

Although many steel buildings are manufactured with fresh steel, it’s also possible to see recycled steel as a partial or main component. Recycled steel is as strong and durable as newly produced steel, so concerns about a lesser-quality product entering the market through recycling efforts aren’t warranted.

Steel structures can also be repurposed without recycling. Many structures can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled later or in a different location. The inherent strength of the product makes it a valuable commodity, both as a viable structure and as a raw material.

Energy Efficiency

Because steel is strong and long-lasting, it’s not necessary to produce replacement parts or new buildings that often. As a result, the manufacturing of steel buildings is far less energy dependent than other building materials.

It’s also not as necessary to regularly extract iron ore for making steel when so much usable and useful steel already exists. Less mining and forging means less energy usage, too.

Plus, over the lifetime of a metal building, far less energy will be required to manage and maintain the structure. Steel’s inherent durability and strength keep it from falling victim to the elements or other climate-based factors.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With less need for repair, replacement, or new construction, steel structure manufacturers and metal building clients can effectively reduce their carbon footprint(s), respectfully. Choosing sustainable products which will degrade slowly is a big win for the manufacturer, the clients, and, ultimately, the Earth.

Reusing and recycling steel is an integral part of reducing the carbon footprint. Since steel does so well as a recycled or reused product, it’s a wise choice for many reasons. Plus, manufacturing with strict planning and engineering guidelines helps reduce material waste, contributing to lowered carbon emissions.

Strength and Style

Constructing with steel gives clients the peace of mind that their investment in the structure and their personal aircraft(s) will both prove to be worthy choices. Steel aircraft hangars are highly durable and completely customizable, so clients can get exactly what they want and need.

Optimize Protection and Sustainability: Prefabricated Steel Airplane Hangars for Your Aircraft’s Future

The decision to choose prefabricated steel airplane hangars for protecting valuable aircraft is wise for several compelling reasons. These hangars offer remarkable durability, ensuring long-term preservation and protection against diverse environmental conditions. The versatility of steel structures allows for customization to meet each customer’s specific needs, providing ample space for various types of aircraft. Moreover, steel hangars are cost-effective, balancing affordability with high-quality construction. Discover the Coastal Steel Structures difference! Our unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations sets us apart. Get in touch with us now to experience the exceptional service we offer for your upcoming construction project.


Are you ready to start your steel building journey? Request a quote today and speak to one of our experienced team members to set you up for success and make your vision a reality!

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