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7 Things Grandma Might Not Know About Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

When deciding to build or expand your business or residence, there are several options out there. And with that, a ton of confusion and misconceptions. So, to help clear the air and help you along your journey, we’ve provided important information, we feel you should know about prefabricated steel buildings.

  1. They can be used for anything, regardless of your needs, such as:
  2. Can have many faces
    • Don’t judge a book by its cover; any metal building can support brick, stucco, wood, and stone for the exterior finish. Just make sure you communicate this with the steel company of your choosing.
  3. Can be climate controlled
    • Our customers are often amazed when they are informed that you can control the climate (heating and cooling) of their metal building. With a proper layout, design, and adequate insulation, any steel structure can be climate controlled.
  4. Prefabricated Steel Buildings = Green
    • Unlike most traditional construction materials, prefabricated metal buildings are made from recycled steel. And, it can be recycled and reused well after the building’s life.
  5. Can increase property value
    • Value is in the mind of the buyer. Adding a prefab metal building can increase property value. By adding a metal building, you:
      • Increase total square footage
      • Increase appeal for potential buyers
      • Provide a unique living experience outside of your primary residence (garage/workshop, man cave and large kitchen for hosting and dining to name a few)
  6. Quick and easy construction
    • This is one of the most attractive aspects of choosing a steel structure over traditional construction. Everything is cut, rolled and welded offsite and delivered to you ready to assemble.
  7. Meets most interior construction, design needs and requirements
    • Prefab steel structures can support most design needs both inside and out. From pipe manufacturing to a furniture showroom or doctor’s office, metal buildings can accommodate.

So, prefabricated steel buildings can be used in several industries, including residential, can be heated or cooled, has a small carbon footprint and able to stand up to Mother Nature. Also, prefab steel structures can increase property value while not looking like a steel building. And lastly, quick construction, maintenance free and cost savings make for an investment that will pay for itself and last a lifetime.

P.S. From Coastal Steel Structures to all the grandmothers out there, we love ya!


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