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Building a Sports Complex? Read this before you do!


Sustainable Building Solutions for Building a Sports Complex.

Whether you’re just diving into the sports and recreation business or expanding into a new location, one thing is for sure – the market is always changing. New trends and customer demand for fitness, training, and leisure activities pop up seemingly out of nowhere. In the past five years, trampoline gyms, indoor skydiving, and boxing have spread rapidly as a means of staying in shape, daring to try something different, or just having fun with friends. What does this mean for you, as a business owner? When Building a Sports Complex, you’ll be looking for a solution that is quick to construct, long lasting, and low maintenance. Your facility should be easy to change at any time so that you can quickly adjust to changing consumer demands in the world of fitness and leisure activities. Also, you’ll only find it in a prefab metal building.

Versatile Design When Building a Sports Complex.

Clearspan structures that are only available with prefab metal buildings allow for easy configuration and reconfiguration of any space. Not only are you not limited by beams that would usually break up the interior of any structure, but you can change the interior of your building at any time to accommodate new needs, including waiting rooms, offices, and much more. Fitness and recreation centers can easily swap out equipment, add new classrooms, or remove rooms to create more open space, all to stay on top of your customer’s changing expectations.

Indoor skydiving is a rapidly growing market, but it comes with unique facility requirements. A customized steel building can be built to house high horsepower fans and wind tunnels, all with a stunning industrial design.

An indoor sports complex is perfect for an indoor track, basketball, indoor football, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, equestrian facilities, and professional sporting teams.

Let us go over a few things to consider when purchasing or Building a Sports Complex.


  • Ensuring that your indoor Sports Complex is appropriately zoned is an absolute must. Zoning can impact you beyond being able to build. Your building department should be the first stop before purchasing a Sports Complex. Your local building department can help guide you with all the necessary rules for permitting your project.

Parking requirements:

  • Some would think this is not a big deal; however, parking extends beyond accommodating customer’s cars. Parking lots can be used to host events outside of your prefab sports complex. Additionally, the added space could be used to extend a game or indoor activity from inside to out.

Ceiling height:

  • An indoor sports complex requires a minimum ceiling height of 24’. Depending on the use, 20’ ceiling height could be used. However, taller is better.


  • In most cases, due to increasingly stringent building codes, your permit/building department will require the building to have insulation to permit and ultimately build. Furthermore, insulation has excellent acoustic properties. This way you can keep the game going late into the night and not be a bother to the surrounding business/community. Lastly, consider a heavy-duty vinyl or PVC faced insulation for durability and longevity.

Your business plan:

  • Who are your customers? Do you plan on serving a wide range of sports? (turf sports, court sports, fitness centers, etc.). If yes, what consideration is there, court size, construction/design, equipment?

Meet Unique Building Requirements

Sports and recreation facilities are no longer limited to your average, everyday gym. Prefab metal structures create a clean slate for a variety of different fitness and leisure activities. With a firm understanding of your market, you can quickly fulfill new needs with one sustainable, cost-efficient solution. Take your pick from:

  • Yoga studios
  • Martial arts centers
  • Dance studios
  • Bowling alleys
  • Natatoriums
  • Indoor sports courts
  • Indoor fields
  • *Indoor Skydiving*
  • And more


Indoor skydiving is a rapidly growing market, but it comes with unique facility requirements. A customized steel building can be built to house high horsepower fans and wind tunnels, all with a stunning industrial design.

Other types of use/considerations for an indoor sports complex

  • Indoor inflatable playground
  • Trampoline Park
  • Bowling
  • Laser tag arena
  • Bumper cars
  • Rock climbing tower
  • Ropes course
  • Arcade games — including new virtual reality games
  • Party and meeting space
  • On-site dining – full kitchen as well as beer, wine, and soft drinks
  • Community meeting space – free for partner sports clubs and organizations to utilize

How Does It Work?

Metal buildings are custom engineered to create an exact fit for your specific needs. No two buildings are exactly alike. Our job is to create a list of building specifications based on what matters most to you. It’s about more than just the essentials of your facility – are you interested in energy efficient insulation, noise-reducing wall panels, or flexible wall panel configuration for changing needs?

We input your exact specifications into our design program, generating a unique blueprint for your facility. Components and structural members are assembled offsite; then materials are delivered to the construction site for quick and easy installation at your lowest possible cost. Single source responsibility makes our metal buildings your most sustainable and cost-efficient solution for a sports and recreation facility.


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