40 X 60 ft Metal Building


One of our most popular sizes for both business and private use, a 40×60 metal building offers an open design and durability you come to expect from a pre-engineered steel building.

The most significant reason behind using a 40×60 metal building framework is economical pricing. In other words, you get a larger, more robust metal building for your budget within this size range. Small buildings are indeed cost-effective; however, 40-foot wide prefabricated metal buildings have a lower cost-per-square-foot compared to other ordinary smaller structures. 

Despite the length of a 40×60 metal building, you can create a clear frame that offers a suitable amount of open space. Another excellent reason behind the growing popularity of 40×60 prefabricated steel structures is that it remains robust with lowered long-term maintenance. We can design any size steel building structure to meet your business needs and design criteria.


The 40x60 metal building system is among the most trending mid-sized steel structures. Such buildings provide more than enough space to match various building requirements. Today, 40x60 metal building systems are used in urban areas like garages, auto shops, workshops, and churches.  The 60' sidewall can be utilized for adding windows and doors. Coastal Steel Structures is where you can find highly durable, robust, and versatile prefabricated metal buildings. If the benefits discussed here align with your needs, The Chief will exceed your expectations.

At Coastal Steel Structures, we offer the best pricing for your personalized metal building projects. Over the years, we have ensured that each client receives the best customer support and engineering quality. We have access to the largest network of prefabricated metal buildings manufacturers and strive to provide you with the best price, fastest delivery, and guaranteed highest quality. See which building system is right for you.

110x110 I-Beam Symbol


Pre- engineered steel buildings provide the unlimited opportunities for customization, speed of construction, lowered costs, and decreased maintenance.
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Cold Form Buildings (CF) start as structural steel sheeting and are formed into c-shaped steel members.

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