Metal Storage Building

Metal Storage Building

Industry: Storage

Size: 48x102x15

Location: Spring, City, TN

Building System: I-Beam

Our client represented a renowned federally-owned electric utility corporation in the US, looking for a metal storage buildings solution in Spring City, Tennessee. This project filled our entire team with enthusiasm to work for a government-owned brand. The client needed a storage facility to securely accommodate equipment that had been degraded by radiation. Tennessee Valley Authority had some specific requirements related to design. For instance, they required a storage-like enclosure and multiple bay-like openings.

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Requirement Specs –

  • Specific Design With Multiple Doors; Each Serving A Self-Contained Unit.

The client wanted several doors installed throughout the metal frame storage buildings and the partition walls placed right under rigid frames.

  • Timely Delivery of The Metal Storage Unit Buildings

Tennessee Valley Authority was in urgent need of the storage units and thus wanted this project to be delivered as early as possible.

  • High Durability

Safety and protection of the equipment was the primary requirement of the client. Therefore, the building should be highly durable and long-lasting against all the damaging factors, natural or artificial.


Different Versions of The Same Project Helped Us Find The Perfect Design Suitable To Client’s Needs!

All the requirements of this project are highly complex in their own way. However, the biggest challenge in this project was the client’s unique design needs. They wanted these prefab metal storage buildings filled with several doors and the ones located at the bay to act as self-containing units. And not just that, they also wanted each one of them to have a walk-up and rolling door.

It was pretty challenging for us to fit as many doors within the same building size. Apart from this, another design challenge was to fulfill the clearance requirements between the columns and openings. The client also wanted the partition walls to be placed right below the rigid frames. It appeared impossible initially as doing this would not seal the steel storage structures properly. Lastly, the on-site project development team realized that incorrect doors were delivered when the project was on the verge of completion. It also imposed an on-time delivery challenge for us.

However, the CSS team wholeheartedly accepted these challenges, and after thorough research, the project manager suggested preparing multiple versions of the steel storage buildings project. Our team analyzed all these designs, and eventually, we found the best combination that serves all the client’s needs.


Our Approach: Key Measures Taken By Us To Fulfill The Client’s Requirements

1. Prepares Different Design Versions For The Same Storage Buildings Construction Project

The project manager suggested creating multiple design versions of the project to get the perfect combination of the door to building size ratio as asked by the client. The project manager advised replacing the rigid framing system with the constant depth dreaming system for the partition wall issue. The frames used in the new steel frame storage buildings were capable enough to seal correctly with the partition.

2. Builds Robust And Dependable Metal Frame Storage Buildings

Although we had several design challenges to cope with, we ensured not to compromise the durability and robustness of the metal storage building. We knew from the beginning that the Tennessee Valley Authority wanted these storage units to accommodate and safeguard equipment that had been contaminated by radiation. Therefore, we made sure to use the suitable material, building model, and framing system to build these large metal storage buildings.

3. Delivers The Project Timely With Quick Resolutions

When the project management and development team realized that the wrong doors were delivered to the site, the project manager expeditiously contacted the manufacturer. Thankfully, they were kind enough to provide credit and replace the incorrect doors with the correct ones. Since doors were the last thing to be fixed in the steel storage unit buildings, it didn’t affect the project delivery date.



This project was one of the cases that tested our presence of mind and ability to find an efficient solution in the least time possible. Our entire team knew that the challenges were intense, and we had a limited time. However, we quickly passed through this complex design process with our expertise in this area and problem-solving approach.

One of the crucial lessons learned during this project was that no matter how complicated a task is or how impossible the requirements seem, we can tackle anything with the right approach and proficiency. Being a skillful and efficient metal storage buildings contractor, it becomes our responsibility to offer our expertise to the clients and help them resolve all their queries. And with such positive reviews and feedback, it was clear that we proved to be helpful to the Tennessee Valley Authority. Now, we are all set to face such intricate challenges and hope to get such complex design projects in the future to nurture our skills.

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