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Why Are So Many Franchises Built With Steel

If you thought fast food was just a fad in the nineties, you might be sitting here in the year 2020 kicking yourself for not buying stock in McDonald’s. Rather than going out of style, fast food restaurants have simply evolved. Today, you can find fast food from every corner of the world. You can get a burger so greasy and delicious, it’ll instantly raise your blood pressure. You can order non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, whole foods from the comfort of your car. You can press a button on your phone to get coffee handed to you through a window. No neighborhood is immune to the growing demand for fast food options, and if you haven’t seen one pop up in your neck of the woods in the last year, don’t worry. Your time is coming. They will find you.

But consumers are looking for more than just a bagged lunch or a take out dinner on their way home from work. The need for fast anything is growing as we become more accustomed to constant convenience. This drastic change in lifestyle has increased the demand for a variety of quick and easy stores like The UPS Store, dollar stores, drive-through pharmacies, and more. All of these hyper-convenient franchises have one thing in common: more likely than not, they’re built with steel.

Why Are Prefab Metal Building Kits Perfect For Franchises Like Convenience Stores, Fast Food Chains, & Gas Stations?

  1. Speed of construction. If people want their fried chicken, groceries, prescriptions, and morning joe delivered to their car door in a matter of minutes, you can imagine how fast they’ll expect those quick-service businesses to be built. Prefabricated metal building kits offer an unprecedented erection timeline. After blueprint approval, most basic projects can be completed in as little as three weeks. How does it work? It’s the nature of prefabrication. Components are designed off-site to save time and money, then delivered ready to assemble with bolt-together technology. Franchise owners love that shortened timeline because it reduces contractor fees and gets you a quick return on investment by opening doors as soon as possible.
  2. Flexibility. Nearly every convenience store or fast-food chain you use on a daily basis is likely made from a variation of the same building kit, but no two chains look exactly alike. Steel buildings are incredibly easy to customize with facades like brick, stone, wood, metal, and a variety of custom doors and windows. When you think of prefabricated metal building, Dollar General probably comes to mind – bare-bones, basic shape, and nothing but an automatic door on the front. But in most cases, steel buildings are so flexible for interior and exterior customizations that you likely wouldn’t know that you were in one. On the other hand, while it’s so easy to make sure no two metal buildings are exactly alike, it’s also simple and cost-effective to punch out the same building kit on repeat for different chain locations.
  3. Workflow. Steel provides enough strength to support up to 200 feet of width without the need for interior columns. That leaves an incredible amount of space to create virtually any workflow. And in franchises that use a warehousing system, or fast food chains with a time-sensitive assembly line system, that kind of flexibility is essential. Without interior support columns to work around, prefabricated metal franchise locations can be constantly changed to practically any configuration to stay on top of demand.
  4. Warehousing. Those franchises that use warehousing workflows are particularly well suited for prefabricated metal buildings. Keeping a large stock of big-box goods requires not only a flexible workflow but higher levels of protection for inventory. Steel buildings are naturally flame and pest resistant. For an added layer of protection, metal building insulation is the most efficient means of maintaining climate control in warehouses. To-go grocery pickup businesses can benefit wildly from the durability and efficiency only steel buildings can provide.
  5. The nature of the business. You know what they say. Easy come easy go. As consumers demand quicker access to the things they need, their needs will in turn change at a faster pace. The lifespan of your average convenience store or fast-food chain is becoming shorter and shorter. This could be a recipe for wasteful construction practices, but thankfully, steel is endlessly recyclable. Prefabricated metal building kits are the only construction option that uses fully recyclable framing. Since steel is a man-made building material, steel manufacturers actually use recycled steel to make new materials. So, while franchise owners may know that their project could only have a five-year life span in that area, the construction materials can easily be reused and repurposed for the next big thing.

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