Planning to Build in 2020? Here’s Your Prefab Construction Timeline.

How long does it take to have a prefabricated metal building designed and delivered? What should I be taking care of while I’m waiting for delivery? Can I complete the construction myself? How do I find a contractor I can trust? If you’re planning to build in 2020, take a deep breath. These questions may…

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steel building

Framing Out the Interior of Your Steel Building

We’ve driven the point home time and time again – you’ve more than likely been in a building without realizing that it was prefabricated metal. Your preconceived notions about prefabricated steel building kits probably have you picturing corrugated metal boxes with little to no customizations. But with today’s technology, it’s easy to erect durable, cost-effective…

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insulated metal panels

How To Prevent Heat Transfer in a Metal Building

Not every prefabricated metal building kit will need to come equipped with insulated metal panels. But if you live in an area with dramatic seasons or need to keep your building temperature controlled for livestock, agriculture, or simply your comfort, you’ll need it to be insulated. Ideally, the right insulation will save you money in…

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Light Gauge Steel Framing

Light Gauge Steel Framing Market Predicted

  The light gauge steel framing market is projected to exceed $43 billion by the year 2025. Why the sudden surge in this particular building material, you ask? You can thank the growing market demand for affordable, eco-friendly building techniques. To truly understand what makes light gauge steel such an appealing building material, let’s break…

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Metal Building Insurance

Metal Building Insurance Saves You Money.

This article is meant to help you understand the savings associated with metal building insurance. But, like most of our articles, it will end up being a testament to why building with steel ultimately saves you a great deal of money. And if there’s one place we’re all trying to save money, it’s on insurance…

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Metal Building Storefront

Metal Building Storefront: What Developers are Talking About!

If you’re considering opening your very own retail Metal Building Storefront, you know that there is a lot that goes into the equation. From loans and permits the construction of the building as well as the predicted foot traffic, it can be a massive risk for any business person or entrepreneur. That’s why it’s essential…

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