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The Customization Opportunities of a Prefabricated Building

When some think of prefabricated buildings, they may envision a standard-dimensional building with no frills. Modern prefabricated structures are designed and built to fit many applications and requirements. Prefabricated steel framing structures also present immense possibilities for customization inside and out. Whether it’s large barn doors for easy entry and exit or specific interior elements…

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Prefabricated Steel Construction

What is the Latest Technology in Prefabricated Steel Construction?

Using prefabricated steel structures in modern construction allows for improved durability, more possibilities and customization, and a price point that meets many clients’ budgets. New technology also allows for greater flexibility in the design and application of steel structures. Additionally, metal buildings remain among the most popular choices for various applications, from framing to aviation.…

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Steel Modular Greenhouses and Growrooms the Future of Agriculture

Are Steel Modular Greenhouses and Growrooms the Future of Agriculture?

As population numbers worldwide continue to rise, food production and availability continue to represent an ever-growing need. By many estimates, the world population is set to increase by nearly 2 billion over the next three decades. At the same time, farming, farmland, and crop yields are facing a decline. Fortunately, there are real solutions available.…

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Building a Sports Complex

Building a Sports Complex? Read this before you do!

  Sustainable Building Solutions for Building a Sports Complex. Whether you’re just diving into the sports and recreation business or expanding into a new location, one thing is for sure – the market is always changing. New trends and customer demand for fitness, training, and leisure activities pop up seemingly out of nowhere. In the…

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