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welding business

Starting A Welding Business

If you’re not familiar with our “Starting A Business” series, let’s get acquainted. We’ve discussed a wide variety of new business ideas, from wedding venues to coffee shops, animal hospitals to garden centers, trampoline parks to equestrian arenas. We get into the nitty-gritty of how, where, and when to jump on all of these business…

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Hair Salon

How to Start A Hair Salon?

Is it still profitable to open a hair salon? After all, it isn’t a new and exciting idea to get into the hair industry. At this point, you would think the market would have to be saturated. But you’re looking at a 46 billion dollar industry, holding over 1.3 million jobs in the US. Between…

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Garden Center

How To Start A Garden Center?

There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing the fruits of your labor. And with owning a nursery or garden center, you can take that saying literally. We’re finally seeing a return to our roots as farmer’s markets and locally owned nurseries are once again favored over big box stores. But this article isn’t a propagation guide.…

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